Solution to the Empire ganking trend

Ratting will not solve the problem.

I’m certain that CODE and Goonswarm already have hundreds of emails ready to use to create Alpha Clone accounts with. Once a group of their clones reaches a life expectancy they will simply cycle out the old clones with fresh clones that might even be 5.00 Sec Status to gank with.

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The only real solution to ending High Sector ganking is:

  1. Create Fleet Adverts inviting inexperienced PvP pilots or PvP corporations to a weekend Anti-Ganking fleet.
  2. Use the gank mechanic to train your pilots in orbiting a target, deploying drones, using remote reppers, smart bombs, ECM / dampeners as well as fine tuning your optimal range DPS for your weapon system of choice.
    3.Other training would involve bumping the gank ship off of their Citadels, Pipe Bombing between their citadels using cloaked battle ships as well as salvaging and looting their blue wrecks after Concord has destroyed their blob.

So if you lack the PvP skills necessary and want to hone them before going into Low and Null Sec first set CODE. alliance to - 10.0 standings and create an overview tab for them. When you see them in local in large numbers watch the gates for the freighter or orca being bumped. Finally when the blob arrives pick your target and blast away.

Another option is the new Triglavian ships that appear to have an increased Remote Repair ability.

When the Abyss comes to take your freighter thus the Abyss will consume that which escaped its mawl…because Hell needs to feed too.

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yes, please use trig ships to rep freighters :smiley:

officer fit them too for max performances

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again i would reiterate that there are mechanisms in game such as war decs ect that mean corps could do a better job of policing there own routes so i dont have much sympathy , but the scenario where a day old player gets blapped while doing his intro missions is a bit ridiculous

i would suggest .8 above they should be able to operate safely and get to grips with the game before getting blapped

This doesn’t happen. Not only are the rookie systems off limits to messing with new players, so is the whole starter Sisters of Eve epic arc.

New players aren’t often killed in highsec. Only a fraction of players are ever killed by other players, and of those, only like 10% are in highsec.

I know you mean well, but you are trying to solve a non-problem with your ‘think of the children’ talk. The only thing making >=0.8 space would do is enable greedy, multiboxing veterans the ability to grind those resources in safety, making it tougher for the true to player to eek out a living there or even pushing them out into more dangerous space.


Unfortunately while I was collecting this data, there were instances of new players, ganked in the protected systems. Very small, but there were a few.

There is no real way for a veteran to know what these systems are short of the protection post from CCP.

This is indeed a problem when you by fiat declare certain systems off-limits as your form of protection for new players. It is completely plausible that a veteran player doesn’t know the list (which even has changed recently) and explodes a true new player thus inadvertently breaking the rule. Some sort of clear safe space apart from the sandbox for the NPE would be a cleaner solution.

Still, these are outliers - 99.9%+ of new players are not killed in a rookie system, if they are even killed at all. Anyone who systematically shoots new players will be called out in short order and punished and all the rumblings point to CCP being very liberal with replacing new player’s ships, even when they are lost “legally”. And even then, there is CCP Rise’s presentation which suggests that being exploded when new might be good for new player retention and calls into question the rationale behind this rule in the first place:

I get the instinct to want to protect newer players, but they aren’t dying in significant numbers to other players in highsec as your data shows, even if it isn’t a non-zero number. And if this really is a problem somehow, the solution needs to be one that can be targeted only to true new players, and not involve just handing out more safety that will be exploited by risk-averse veterans as our friend there proposed.

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maybe i am making assumption based on my own experience , i havnt looked at any data. i can just remember getting blapped in duripant at 3 days old lol


You provide a tldw video and provide no evidence. Some of us understand stats.

Try again Black_Peon.

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:japanese_ogre:yum :poultry_leg::fried_shrimp::poultry_leg::plate_with_cutlery:

Just because you’re too impatient to view the evidence doesn’t mean that he didn’t provide it.

CCP’s own metrics show that newbros being blown up are more likely to stay than those who don’t. No I don’t have condensed statistics, and no I quite frankly don’t feel the need to supply them. You can start by watching the CCP presentation on the subject.


Blacky brings the same tired argument out each 6 month like a meme. And each time the argument is deconstructed and dismissed by proper stats. This is my shorthand now to his regular bs.

And where are these proper stats that prove him wrong? I haven’t seen any and I think @Black_Pedro is too intelligent to argue a point even with contradicting data staring at him in the face.

You on the other hand… Not quite sure if trolling or just been bopped on your head too many times.

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If I had the time or patience I would link. As you know I am a man of integrity, unlike others, benefit of building trust.:grinning::grinning::grinning:

Surely it’s not that hard to find the data you seem to be referencing and just put it here?

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Like your prima facie evidence of devils scamming. Gud link faylee. :roll_eyes:
The argument was deconstructed due to poor samples n stats provided for the presentation. Anyone trained in research psy ( or stats ) would be embarrassed.

Just because the data does not align with your carebear feelings does not mean there is actually an issue with them nitshe.

Well said ima, just replace carebear with ganktard.

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