Protection for newbies required

I just want more newbies to last so i actually have more to shoot at and play with in the long run tbvh

So you want to farm noobs


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make sense?

nah, neither do you.

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There are just a few things that you should think about here:

  • Newbros as not children we need to care for endlessly they are gamers locking for a spaceship game that maybe involves shooting spaceships.
  • It is very very rare that Newbros are complaining about those mechanics it is almost always older player claiming to speak for the Newbros.
  • Every measure to make Newbros more secure will remove them from the spaceship action that may actually hook them to the game and will be abused 10x more by older players to make their doings more secure.
  • There is simply no evidence that Newbros are singled out or under onslaught from older players. All metrics from the past, metrics from killboards, even the newest CSM minutes state that Newbros are not the main target.

If you are concerned that Highsec is such a mean place then look at the data that comes directly from zkillboard: Where are new characters getting killed?

Even within their first 90 days, the BIG MAJORITY of kills happen in low, null and wh space and not in highsec.


where maybe but why is not encompassed, and therefore lacks context.

Also of those new players how many are alts?

And so on, its like a part of a report but lacks specifics for me to look at so i can really only go on the past though recent recruits for my my recent corp suggests many just leave because they cant make enough isk to plex tbvh.

Sorry running missions in nullsec atm so a bit pre occupied xD

Oh my dear little CEO, the PLEX lifestyle is NOT a highsec problem, that’s just a seriously toxic goal that will wear everyone out, ESPECIALLY new players. The best thing you can do is to discourage this behavior and tell them to stay alpha or pay for a subscription. But under no circumstances should they grind for a PLEX!

It’s just an endless toxic cycle of grinding a month to pay for the next month of endless grinding. It’s a trap that will drain their little souls.

Also why do you link this to highsec? Because you think they would have more profit if they would be more secure? The more secure highsec gets the more will the locust swarms that just grind down every resource flourish and devalue all the resources those new players could gather, which would make it even harder for them to earn ISK.


in more or less their own words

null and low is too dangerous and i cant afford to lose a ship if im grinding for plex

reality is far far different though… plus some people for some reason dont want to train for drakes when planning on running a lot of missions which i must admit is utterly soul destroying; i think anoms are worse though for… how you say… trying to stay awake whilst running them.

Also many seem to want to do all that solo… which is odd because rarely do they want to try out solo pvp…

Yeah but do you see that the actual problem is that they are caught in a trap of their own making? It is no wonder they quit. Even if they would earn twice the amount they do from farming missions or mining they would burn out sooner or later. You should only ever pay your sub with PLEX if you make that money completely effortless.

You really have to teach them that. There is no amount of changing game mechanics that will fix this.

And really, the best thing that could happen to such a player is if his ship gets destroyed and this cycle gets broken by force. Some may immediately quit, but they would have anyway, at least they get a chance that way.

The truth is don’t ever trust statistics that you haven’t falsified yourself…

That’s the bottom line of all…

Or maybe because of your repeatingly crap quality answers?

If this is your solution and your answer to the problems of this game we don’t have to wonder that people leave…

You are more the “don’t trust statistics that don’t align with your agenda and only argue out of your ass” type though.


Okay, but what was my anecdote?

You know that doesn’t really work unless I offered an anecdote, right?

Do you know what an anecdote is? (be honest)

I too would leave a game that forced me to play so I can play. Of all the goals you could have as new player, trying to grind for plex from the start is possibly the worst goal.

Tell them to play and enjoy the game instead.


But who would get to buy his plex? :joy:

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Plex has lost its meaning now only serves for speculation in the market.

This has nothing to do with what I asked (nor its context)…

Is this an appropriate venue to advertise the bridge I have for sale?

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