Protection for newbies required

Nah, currently vacant; I’ve been told the climate is conducive to the cooling of silicon based brains, so any troll that takes residence doubles their IQ.


That’s BS Ima. It’s BS because it doesn’t fit the narrative that new players are instantly ganked out of the game as soon as they spawn.

Think of the mother ■■■■■■■ children!!!


there is already protection for newbies, it’s called Comon Sense :wink:


Most people never injected and trained that skill book.


Lets say once more:

This is game for fun not for griefing
Everybody must enjoy the game not just few, that must be ccps goal and primary task
Features illogicality and contradiction must be cleared ot once for all
Game HAVE potential, just CCP must realize it in full
To prosper CCP must encourage healthy non toxic behaviour and community
CCP must enforce clear and fair rules ingame

  • Newbros are not children we need to care for endlessly they are gamers locking for a spaceship game that maybe involves shooting spaceships.
  • It is very very rare that Newbros are complaining about those mechanics it is almost always older player claiming to speak for the Newbros.
  • Every measure to make Newbros more secure will remove them from the spaceship action that may actually hook them to the game and will be abused 10x more by older players to make their doings more secure.
  • There is simply no evidence that Newbros are singled out or under onslaught from older players. All metrics from the past, metrics from killboards, even the newest CSM minutes state that Newbros are not the main target.
  • There is no evidence that removing New players even further away from the conflict will result in them sticking with the game. All the statistics CCP presented point into the direction that ship loss to another player is the most important part for a New player to stick around.
  • The promise that there are millions of potential players just waiting outside ready to join EVE if only we nerf mechanic X is a lie and an obvious attempt by the author of such claims to change a mechanic in his favor and nothing else.

If you are concerned that Highsec is such a mean place then look at the data that comes directly from zkillboard: Where are new characters getting killed?

Even within their first 90 days, the BIG MAJORITY of kills happen in low, null and wh space and not in highsec.


You have right to be self-decepted you paying money for Eve and you can demand whatever you want just like me.
CCP is owned by PA and reporting to PA and MUST follow PAs directions and orders.
That is big difference now.

Yeah, and they make a PvP sandbox MMO as well, so I’m not even sure where the source of your hope comes from there.

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@EveDataRules added a pretty sweet interface to see where new, and even all players are getting killed:

It shows what one might expect: less new players are getting ganked or killed in wars than ever before.

I’m all for making making wars more “fun” and accessible, and crime too, but this idea more new player protection is needed is not only addressing a problem that the statistics say doesn’t exist, but also is counter-productive to all the other retention data CCP has shared that says these interactions keep players, not push them away.

If anything is lacking, it is the difficulty of new players to form and grow new groups in the face of the war mechanic. I hope these upcoming changes to the war mechanic open up the social space for newer and casual players.


Newbros need education and direction, not protection. They leave out of boredom because they have no plan or direction. They feel losses are painful and meaningless and they go. It’s only once they have a project that things start to make sense, without it’s only boredom and pain.


I’ll go back to 2003 real quick and let them know! :slight_smile:

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You are still in year 2003. :blush:

I think it would be great if CCP were to add a feature to automatically ban miners from local for 14 days if they use homophobic slurs (as just happened ingame). Newbies must get a chance to encounter and play with the nice people who PvP rather than be disgusted by what passes for discourse among miners.

Think that apply to gankers too. Oh and wardecers . Oh and NULL habitants… And the list goes on…

Agreed. And looking over you post history, so apropos.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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hey, what’s up, I don’t care whatever sort of eve it can be that you’re talking about, but The EVE I know is a fun and terrific pvp stuff game, and the best of it , it allows the player to have a good time even when being taken down , of course it’s more fun if you win, but who wins in eve? the player plays whilst it’s fun, and it’s the player the responsible, if you don’t like it, don’t play, but let others enjoy getting killed and resurected, eve is great, it can be better always but that will deppend on how is it used, do not use this to criticize it, nor to take things out of it, if you play, simply bring good stuff or don’t bring nothing, to die in eve is not important, it’s a price you have to pay in new eden to get stronger.

PvP is griefing, the winners should be punished, spoken like a true sore loser.


What? ; and we give a medal to the loosers!
what sort of game you could desing so amazing, are you people talking like that because your plans were unwittingly ruined by some pvpers?
change your action plan then , be prepare to lose what you fly in new eden or do not fly is the first capsuler’s rule, no matter whether or not just want to get involved in all sides of eve, they do exist, many facets of a great big diamond game that will evolve, sure, but equally in all terms, you can not take nothing of what it is, like history, can not be changed , … neither add things that are useless.It is what it is, take it or miss it.

btw guys, the pvpers, scammers, thiefs and pirates, big and small, I am making here giving a proposal to “the company’s mates”,

please, please, put some unicorns flying around high sect to low connection gates, and allow no weapons and break the borders to make just one world only where everyone can be living eternally without dieing and we could all share all the isk in ghe game and be rich and then we stop playing because that’d be disgustingly boring, yeah…

get some boosters and suffer the effecs, they are awesome,
thank you!

That “rules” bring CCP close to bankruptcy an will be changed soon. :blush: