Banning repeated gankers from highsec

But they did not ignore it, they tried to verify it and the actual problem here is that you don’t accept THE REAL ANSWER which is that your whole hypothesis that ganking causes new players to quit is complete BS.

It is extremely more likely just a handful of you who can’t handle a simple game and make new characters all the time to complain on the forums to make it look like it is an issue. This is all looks completely fabricated, and the actual numbers seem to confirm that.

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I usually charge in Quafe, but hey this one is on the house as you asked so nicely.

Joined 14th May 2013
Immediately set about losing an unfathomably large number of ships to NPCs before finally discovering the ‘warp out’ button.
After a month (and presumably the NPCs running out of ammunition, Noragen gets smart and joins our favourite friends, Eve University.
He immediately proceeds to lose several more ships, but our hero swiftly waves high sec goodbye and roams Syndicate in his trusty Velator with his new college friends. Life is good.
After four exciting months of graduate-ganking, Nor is ready to head out into the big cold world. He immediately thanks his former educators by joining a mercenary corp and popping one of his former Eve-U buddies. And podding them, just to reinforce the lesson that Eve isn’t a game for nice people.
Four months of Marmite and a big pile of nice green one sided killmails later, the lures of gangbanging unsuspecting null pilots on shopping trips starts to fade. Noragen looks out into the wilds and decides its time to enter the safest of all safe spaces, nullsec. He is swiftly indoctrinated into the unspeakable pleasures of shooting at POS structures. Targets that dont even run away! Surely the pinnacle of the Eve experience.
Eight months of waking up each morning with the image of a still shielded control towers burned into his retinas, Nor throws off the shackles of big Alliance life and returns to his first love, the mercenary life. Quickly bouncing from a corp with one of the worst names in Eve (EVE Corporation 987654321-POP) to unarguably the one with the best (Somalian Coast Guard Authority), Noragen is in heaven. Under his steely watch, no Retriever or Atron is safe.
A few months later the lure of POS grinding becomes too much and Nor heads back to Null. This lasts about as long as a freighter on autopilot in lowsec, before the post-traumatic stress kicks back in, and he wisely returns to Marmite.
At this point the constant flipping back and forth between lowsec, hisec and null starts to remind me too much of my own killboard and our narrator decides to give this up as a bad job and go for a smoke instead.

I would however just like to thank Devon Hael whoever he may be, for this killmail which gave me a much needed laugh. Thanks sir, fly well and gank safe. :slight_smile:

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It was a very questionable, narrow study.
It doesnt validly support your conclusion that ganking 15day old players doesnt cause them to quit. It merely suggests it that might be the case. Even this study did show that players did infact quit due to being suicide ganked when under 15days old. It did not conclude that all dont,

Ok Salvos, I actually think you just don’t understand the study so lets walk trough this step by step.

Let’s formulate the hypothesis that “ganking harms new player retention” since you mentioned 15 day old players we will focus on that group. What would this hypothesis imply? What would we find if made a study and the hypothesis was actually true?

Sorry, but this quote above shows you dont understand the scientific method.
You are asking all the wrong questions, in all the wrong ways.

cough cough

cough cough
cough cough cough


:roll_eyes: sure Salvos

Now that you know how basic science work can we go back to my questions which was:

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Can you post with your main so we can see your killboard please? Just to ensure you aren’t to be totally ignored or made fun of.

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What is this supposed to mean?
A hypothesis doesn’t “imply” anything.

You can link Feynman vids all day.
He knows what scientific method involves.
Its you that clearly does not, or you would not ask the unscientific, incorrect questions you currently are.

We specifically asked for a better study, in method, that also includes 30 and 60 day new accounts/players.

I dont think you have sufficient understanding of what scientific method is to construct/perform such a study. I dont think you even understand what a hypothesis is.

Man, the amount of dancing you do when a simple question corners you is amazing


I cant answer your “simple” question, which you lie about as being singular when infact there were several, without addressing how they are stupid and false questions.

Its like you are asking me why 1+1=3.
All I can answer, is that it doesnt and you dont understand the math involved.

Its apparent you don’t understand science, the scientific method, how scientific studies are constructed/performed/evaluated, or terms/concepts involved.

Lol, sure Salvos. Dance some more!

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Ill throw you a life-line/olive branch.

Ask me the ONE simple question you want, and I will answer it the best I can.

I quite enjoyed that. Thank you

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Not even in a binary system does 1+1=3.
No 3 exists in a binary system.
Its 0 or 1.
Binary also is not a mathematical system.
Its simply a language/sequence of 0s and 1s, as yes/no, defined by their sequence, not by addition/subtraction/multiplication/division.

1+1 can equal 3, but only if you forget about birth control.


Sorry you don’t understand binary. There are 10 types of people in the world when discussing it.


1+1=3 for very large values of 1.

I don’t expect you to understand that though since you don’t even understand basic science :joy:

If we assume that ganking is bad for new player retention, does that imply that new players who get ganked are less likely to subscribe than players who are not ganked or lose a ship by other means?

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