New players have no reason to Sub and keep playing

Rancer, Tama and Amamake are best placed on the avoid like the plague list; they’re 3 of the many circles of Eve hell.

The basic problem with the data is that it didn’t differentiate the new player who played one hour and thus never left the starter system where they are protected from the mad game who played 10 hours a day and was into lowsec on their first day.
Without doing that we have no idea if the ‘pvp exposure’ has anything to do with positive or negative retention. or if it was simply a function of hours played. If the group that stayed routinely played four times as many hours yet suffered say… only twice the pvp exposure on average… per hour you actually have a group that had less pvp exposure.

Now I’m not saying this is the case. but it’s a way the data could be correct yet the interpretation of the data would suggest utterly opposite conclusions.

Hence my point that you can’t really use the data points we got given as any evidence either way.

Not taking sides here ( :innocent: )…

But the way you telling this cries about lack of factual information.

Feel free to scroll up and look at the videos where CCP employees talk about their conclusions when they looked at the actual data

For things like that peer review exists, and data have to be provided in a more researchable form.

I guess. I didn’t do the analysis and the details were never made public so obviously I can’t address your hypothetical flaws in it. But at a minimum the fact your chances of being ganked in the first 15 days are minuscule as stated in this study, and in the one @EveDataRules did from public killboard data (Where are new characters getting killed?) it isn’t even a factor in the mix for most players. New players just don’t get ganked very often which is logical because they don’t have any good stuff.

The OP asserted it was a problem and invented a hypothetical new player who quit because of it as a reason to implement his ideas to change to the game. It is perfectly fine to point out to him the studies that have been done at least cast doubt on his claim, and go on to point out the self-serving nature of his think-of-the-children rhetoric.

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I would rather call it observations.

Yep. There was a camp there probably 9/10 times I have traveled through it. Due to Eve’s “geography”, a lot of “shortest distance” traffic is shunted through it.

In USTZ, Amamake has been largely OK lately. Of course, if you linger and try to do PvE or anything other than just passing through, someone is likely to try to kill you… And of course, flying a big ship through there is probably a bad idea, but it’s not even close to what Rancer is.

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Lol I remember the good old days when PL used to hotdrop the Amamake gate with supers for pretty much anything that came through, then the FW guys killed one and they stopped.

But most CCP employees haven’t a clue about getting decent at the game let alone good

It’s sad how development ended up in the hands of people too incompetent to fit a ship so they copy the idea off a public kill board

What has that even to do with what I wrote?

You are really believe everything ccp say ? :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Another naive fanboy. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

You’re using them to solidify your example

Because all good developers left ccp, :frowning_face:

You still make no sense. I was talking about the people who analyse the data at CCP to make business decisions. What has that to do with playing the game?

And look where it got us today…

A dying shity old game with an aged playerbase which it will never retain

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There’s some pretty serious bad vibes in this thread. Why don’t you guys take a breather and look at this happy fox:



It doesn’t help me relax,the fox that is,should’ve picked a cat gif

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