New players have no reason to Sub and keep playing

Keep us posted if you have something substantial to criticise the study or the method they used instead of some wild guess and feelings.

I already linked a second video by CCP Quant which shows that they do this things all the time. You must have missed it.

Lol, that can only come from ultra-carebear DMC. Only you would suggest new players stay for over a month in the protected newbie systems. In reality most of them probably move out once they are done with the tutorial agents, which is probably only a few hours after they started to play.

I’m sure we have mentioned this about a hundred times, but in that very same video he mentions that they looked at reasons ALL subscribed players give when they quit and < 1% of ALL PLAYERS cite ship loss as the reason.

I’m sure you know this. Kinda impossible you missed it, so I guess you are just lying like always


I criticized the data sample as being small and standard deviation of subscription time could have effect on conclusion, and they were seeking a binary conclusion. False positive error can certainly arise.


Please elaborate about why exactly the sample is too small. Please show us your math.

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First CCP should show theirs.

I have no math as I have no data. I did not see CCP calculating anything to dive into the numbers. I have only doubts, I just describe the factors that could have influenced the result of studies. If you think CCP statement should not be questioned, than this is not science at all.

Doubts of mine, and other people could be extinguished only with CCP bringing the more extensive studies, doing peer review and providing data on their research and actual methodology in detail, providing calculations, standard deviation, data on all those players subscription times, etc.


Why is that a requirement? It seems you have already done the math and came to the conclusion that the sample is too small and I would really like to see the numbers so I can finally stop talking about this study because you have shown us conclusively why it is bad.

I love this particular thread for showing that ganking and wars are only a tiny part of how newbies die

Kinda dismisses most of the arguments here against those

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Been playing a short while less than you, but the experience is similar if a little less intense.

Have to agree, if my own thinking is at all indicative, that the draw of Eve for new players is community engagement, player engagement. There are lots of space games and building games and open-world games, but rookies hear the stories and want to fly in the big battle, or strong-arm the local market, or truck the spacelanes between empires. There are better single-player experiences that don’t require a sub fee, but the reason to stick around is the people. Ultimately we just want to waste time together on the internet.

I can understand when OP sees a problem with griefing since one could argue the player engagement in having your mining ship exploded is exceedingly one-sided. While I can’t speak to the maths used or factors weighted in various player and CCP studies, I find it erroneous to claim that new players are singular in their desire that the game to be played in a particular way. A sandbox is a realm of possibility.

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To defend their claim, to extinguish doubts. But I doubt they will come out with details, CCP Quant is not working in CCP anymore. Dont know if there even is a person able to do what he have done.

I cant do that. First of all, CCP made claims, did not show their “math”, and I did not come to the conclusion that sample is too small. I came to conclusion that it may have meaning and it may be too small for the actual study. Because of standard deviation.

If you really want all your doubts (if you have any) extinguished, I think you should bother CCP devs about that…

…if you really like to see more than they provided, because we have only that.

I think all doubts are justified when it comes to statistics because of decisions that someone can make. That is why important is to scrutinize the results. More people having doubts and scrutinizing - that is called science.


Lol, seriously? So how did you come to this conclusion:

Gut feelings?

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Science needs people who provide different point of view. Mine involves different sample sizes.


This is what is wrong with eve but by fixing this you change the game entirely

Nice try at deflection and as per your usual troll persona, twist everything around and then portray it out of context. Please learn how to read before posting your delusional crap, nowhere did I suggest or state that newbies stay in starter systems for over a month.

That whole presentation from Rice was about the NPE being updated and explaining why new players weren’t subbing after doing the trial period which only lasted for 2 weeks. So yeah, I’ll bet the majority of those test subjects never did leave the starter systems or even complete all the Career Agents.

By the way, it takes longer than a few hours for brand new players to complete the Tutorial and all 5 Career Agents, especially while learning how to operate the User Interface.

That was supposedly based on people who filled out the little questionnaire when asked why they quit. In reality it was just another bullcrap statement in his presentation which he conveniently left out a lot of other pertinent facts such as the amount of canceled accounts during that time frame, amount of questionnaires sent out and the amount of replies they received. And since it wasn’t verified by a 3rd party independent survey service it doesn’t matter what the numbers were in that presentation.

Please stop posting your twisted lies as factual truth.

So angry because reality does not match with your views. I’m not sure why you always have to lie so much to try to make a point.

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Ok I will take it in consideration and I will see where it go from there

Don’t forget to update us on your adventures. Always quite nice to hear back from new players how their perception of the game changes :wink:

Heh, typical fail response from a little carebear ganker. The majority of your replies in these forums are nothing but lies, constantly twisting and contorting statements which you then portray out of context. And when that fails, you then attempt to redirect attention from yourself with unsubstantiated accusations upon others.

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Thanks for sharing your tears DMC. But I will not wast my time to even try to discuss with such a dishonest person like you who has shown repeatedly that he lies at every occasion to push his little carebear agenda.


:grin: :rofl: :joy:


Ya know, I have no personal involvement in this whatsoever, but why don’t you take it out on him in the game?

Not trying to be malign towards you or him, I’m just legitimately wondering about that. You can find DMC at public roleplaying events. On Federation Day he was in Luminaire shooting fire works with the rest of the bunch.

I’ve got no idea what the freakin’ ■■■■ is going on with you people spending so much time hating each other on the forums, when you can way more effectively hate each other in the game! In the game no one can hide behind words and anyone who stays docked because of baddies outside still has to stay docked, or play on an alt.

I’m not personally involved, as I said, but what’s going on between people bashing each other on the forums is basically this:

Quite embarrassing, ain’t it so? That’s why people fight with fists in real life eventually instead of just stupidly throwing words at each other as if it meant anything at all. They beat each other up. ‘s how things worked successfully for millenia. The one with words submits to the one with fists. Violence is always a solution. Might not be the best one, yeah, but it’s definitely a solution and most often it’s the final solution, which is a-okay in EVE because it’s just a fuckin’ game. There’s so many fuckin’ ways of making people suffer and all the peeps around here do is writing stupid words of impotent rage that do nothing. Fuckin’ embarrassin’, I’d say.

Need an example? Look at Kane. What’d he do if he sees someone deserving ass-whoopin’? He seeks him out and whoops his ass! No wastin’ time on the forums, no wastin’ time typin’ words except “Hello there”, which ‘s all he fuckin’ needed and everyone knew what the ■■■■ was going to happen next.

Most tryhard forum warriors don’t even play the game tbh, so kinda hard to get back at them there :sweat_smile:

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