[SERIOUS] How would you re-design Highsec if you could?

(Jeremiah Saken) #121

I would love to see that.

(Remiel Pollard) #122

It works for elite. Basically, you kill someone, you get a bounty in that system’s jurisdiction. Kill a few people in that system, the OP facpo comes after you, but they are not magic space police, they’re just powerful. That jurisdiction gives you more bounties as well. Get bounties in multiple systems with jurisdictions allied with a superpower (or in EVE’s instance, an empire) then you get a superpower bounty, and you become wanted in every system allied to that superpower. Everywhere that you’re wanted, your station access is limited to things like the black market, basic refuelling and resupplying, and the security services where you can pay off your own bounty, but at a substantial markup. You also get tossed to the closest detention centre. You don’t have to stay there, you just get moved there.

The bounties in Elite are also attached to the ship that you got them with, not the player themselves, so you can do your pirating in one ship, then hop in another for other stuff. Only thing is, if you want to pay off your bounty, then you have to take the ‘hot ship’ with you to do so. Additionally, if you want to offload the ‘hot ship’, a large portion of the money you sell it for automatically goes towards ‘legal proceedings’. Any modules on that ship are also considered ‘hot’ so you can’t refit without taking a huge hit on the removal of those modules. Any module you add to the ship also becomes ‘hot’. If you’re in a hot ship, you cannot trade in jurisdictions where you’re wanted, you cannot hand in bounties you’ve claimed, you can’t do much of anything, including refitting your ship or buying a new one. If you have another ship in that station, you can switch to it to access these features, but never in the ‘hot ship’ itself until you’ve cleared the substantial bounty. Also, just docking in a hot ship is dangerous - if you get scanned, you’re toast, so you gotta be fast or run silent. Or both.

There is no magic space police in elite. It’s just very inconvenient to be a criminal. The problem with elite is that the inconvenience is not balanced with reward. Being a pirate in elite is about as rewarding as throwing bait into a river instead of putting it on a hook. In EVE, with some adjustments taking into account the ease of swapping ships and moving around, this system would not only make piracy very viable, but it would make fighting piracy viable as well.

(Savoycabbage) #123

Once again with the mythical, non-evidence based assertion that newbies are the ones being killed in hisec. This has been debunked time and time again, yet still rears it’s ugly head. The stats just don’t support this. I think it’s something like 4% of new players killed in the game in their first 90 days are due to wardecs. What wardecs do result in is a lot of dead nullsec players who don’t pay attention in hisec as discussed earlier - sorry @Whitehound this applies to you as well I’m afraid. You can’t consider players over 90 days old to be newbies. Also, access to tradehubs isn’t a guaranteed right, nor should it be.

Oh, and tying wardecs to structures the way you suggest would effectively make low and nullsec groups immune to wardecs which is plain ridiculous.

(Anderson Geten) #124

Some noobies ARE victims of HS wardecs, and some people do this on purpose.
It’s nothing to be debunked here, this is fact.

Yes, you can. Some people only play a few hours per week. Some people are still doing L3s after a year - or even after a few years. Some people just don’t want to be invested that much in Eve that even undocking require alts on the gates, a cyno ready, a fax to RR. And yet they appreciate the game and pay for it.

(Jeremiah Saken) #125

Well, I played Frontier before so I know the basis. It was true sandbox but was not MMO. I don’t like the concept of concord, EvE would be better without it. As you wrote players should be “the blues” or be a true pirates.

(Remiel Pollard) #126

There are still NPC cops, they’re just not as powerful or as punishing as players.

(Dark Engraver) #127

Filthy casuals

(Anderson Geten) #128

get a clue, there are forum rules you have to follow. Your brain nobody cares.
Especially since your proposal (wanted) is actually the same as mine - and then you call it stupid ? The irony.

(Remiel Pollard) #129

No, my proposal is nothing like yours, because it doesn’t restrict PVP. And I haven’t even come close to breaking rules. Don’t like being criticised? Don’t post your ideas.

(Anderson Geten) #130

What ? Sorry I can’t hear you over the sound of irony.

(Remiel Pollard) #131

No, that’s not irony. Criticism is free speech. When you post ideas in a public forum, you should expect it. Because just as you have the right to post, so do your critics.

You also have a choice to post, and if you can’t handle criticism, then you have the choice not to post. Otherwise, you can and will get criticism. Criticism is the DIRECT CONSEQUENCE of sharing your ideas. Someone, somewhere, just won’t agree with you. Learn to handle that, like an adult, or stop sharing your ideas, those are your options.

I’m not trying to police your speech, I’m explaining your options. I suggest you pay attention.

(Anderson Geten) #132

No it’s not. In a post where everybody should be able to give his opinion, your behaviour effectively pollutes the thread.

If you want to criticize that idea, then make a new post dedicated to discussion of that idea.

This thread is NOT for the discussion of a single idea. You forcing your opinion in something that is not made for them is you being a jerk.

I don’t care about what you think of this idea, I however care that you call me stupid and that you pollute a thread.

I’m not trying to police your speech, I’m explaining your options. I suggest you pay attention.

(Dom Arkaral) #133

Your attempt at censorship is as good as any argument you have really

Remiel has a good opinion about things

(Remiel Pollard) #134

Lol, my criticism IS my opinion, nobbit

And yes, criticism is always free speech. Grow up and deal with it. This isn’t reddit.

(Savoycabbage) #135

How long do you consider someone a newbie for then? I am all for a certain level of protection for very new players, but by your rules a 2 year old character is new. Are you saying that by this point they shouldn’t have at least gone and found out the relevent information?

Also, yes, some new players get caught in wardecs, but certainly the former VMG and now PIRAT do not target new players. I cant speak for marmite on this as ive no experience in there. It makes no sense for us to do it. Most of us arent interested in venture or merlin kills. We want the vindis, machs and high end stuff.

We wardec for content and for contracts. Targetting new players for content just doesnt make sense. Contracts are a different matter, but in those cases we’ve been paid to make someones life difficult. We normally wouldnt check as its purely business.

(Nevyn Auscent) #136

Concord used to be like that. What resulted was game breaking and would have certainly resulted in the death of EVE. Hence the Concord we have now. Much as I’d rather it be represented as a computer override self.destructing your ship or something the end result is the same and is needed for Eve’s health.

(Remiel Pollard) #137

Sounds interesting. Except CONCORD never used to be like that, because the game’s never had the mechanics to make CONCORD being like that worthwhile. CONCORD works for the game as it is now. Funny how elite has no magic space police, but it’s open mode is as healthy as ever…

(Anderson Geten) #138

I already answered this. Noob is not defined by the age of your char. What about the player who has played 2 days 2 years ago and just decided to give it another try ?

for me, a player is no more a noob when

  • he can afford to lose a few ships (meaning he knows how to make iskies)
  • he got killed several times in low/null/wh (meaning he is not afraid of going)
  • he also already been in roaming fleets (he knows what tackling/bubbles/ ewar is).

Hence I know of people who stopped being a noob after a few days of playing - and of people who still are noobs after a few years.

(Dom Arkaral) #139

A noob according to CCP is a player less than 30 days old in the starter corps

And according to me at 3 months you’re not a noob anymore…

I’ve seen people 10 years old call themselves noobs after they got ganked so… lol

(Anderson Geten) #140

BTW I did not advocate for “noob protection”. Having specific rules is an awful way to patch an global issue, since the moment the rule does not apply the issue will still be present.

What I said is that war dec is used ATM by some people to hunt, almost freely, players who have no idea how to fight and are in a situation where “you undock => you lose your ship ; you don’t undock => just stop playing the game”. They undock once, die, then stop playing the game. Just because they are not aware that the ninja salvager who just warped in his mission is actually an alt of this war target one jump away.
I 'm saying it because I know this already happened several times.

Since I’m not for “noob protection”, I rather modify the mechanism so that wardec can’t be used to kill people who have no clue how to play the game.