[SERIOUS] How would you re-design Highsec if you could?

(Dom Arkaral) #141

You can’t dec npc corps… lol

No modifications needed here

(Jeremiah Saken) #142

would you leave the security status division with your proposal?

(Remiel Pollard) #143

Sure, the higher security, the higher the bounties, the faster the police responses. Lowsec remains response-free but you still get bountied because it’s still empire space. And I say that as a lowsec flier.

(Marcus Luttrell Khan) #144

I’m not sure if I’ve made a post in this topic at one point or not. I don’t remember, honestly. I’m too busy enjoying my time at home with my family that i get once or twice a year because I’m in the military. Anyways, here are my thoughts:

One of the worst things to happen to this niche of gameplay has already been pointed out in this thread: removal of the watch list. Yes, blanket deccing was present prior to this, but at far less a capacity. When I was in Marmite, an example of this was Tora deccing every corp/alliance that flew through Uedama just for fun occasionally. However, the most fun thing to do was take a group of 3 pilots (usually me in a ceptor/tackle and 2 DPS ships) to the mission hubs to look for juicy targets. Initially, we would find a nice target corp to go after, add them to our watchlist, and wait. When they came on, we would try to go catch them. Sometimes it worked, sometimes not. That was the fun of it.
So, what needs to happen? A limited watchlist needs to be reinstated. One that works in highsec fully, with perhaps a delay/dilation in lowsec, and does not function whatsoever in wormholes, Trig space, or null. The reason this makes sense? Think about the NPC population. In every highsec system there is an NPC presence, be it FACPO, CONCORD, or agents in stations. Considering agents are used to run locates, they clearly know if pilots are present or otherwise. In lowsec, since there are far less NPCs, it requires time (say, 15 minutes) to identify if someone is present. Then it requires an additional 15 to identify if they are no longer present. Since null/wh have no NPCs (with a few, limited exceptions), it makes sense that a watch list would not work.
That is the biggest thing wardecs need: a system to hunt targets that doesn’t require weeks/months work to achieve. Obviously this implies that it CAN be done, it just requires time, resources, and some knowledge.

To preface the next one, this is NOT my idea, I saw someone else suggest it and it was absolutely amazing.

The idea is to create a robust contract system for wardecs. Normally contracts are negotiated via the forums, mails, or private chats. Why not add an actual contract script into the game? It would really add something neat and fun to wardecs. Here is a concept: CREATE CONTRACT --> Target Alliance/Corporation: XYZ --> Reason/Objective: Harassment/Structure/(insert your own idea here) --> Who would you like to contact?: PIRAT, Marmite, etc --> How long? --> 7 days/30days/etc --> Price Offering: 500mil/etc. This is an EXTREMELY simplified concept, but it would be fun. Obviously the mercs would be able to counter offer with regards to price, etc. This also does in a sense adds a way to make objectives for wars. Take down X structure(s) in Y system(s), harass these people because A B C, etc.

These are just a couple ideas, but they would really add content back into highsec.

(Omnathious Deninard) #145

I like the overal concept personally, however a few thing that has to make it Eve specific, because of how ships are handed in eve the bounty can’t be tied to it, which I’m sure you already are aware of why.
Faction police would have to scale up for each repeat instance of criminal activity based on how high the bounty is.
Faction police should never reduce the bounty applied to a player, leave that to the players.

(Ildrara) #146

So everyone can log out to save their ship with no consequences?

So everyone can go to solo or private mode and have full access to the game without worrying about the PvP people?

That is how Elite does it.

(Remiel Pollard) #147

Absolutely, and I made a brief point of this but haven’t bothered fleshing out details. I was only really explaining how it worked so well in Elite. For example, ships in EVE do work completely differently, but that doesn’t mean that bounties can’t be tied to them. Ships in EVE are becoming more personal, especially with killmarks, and some ships are still extraordinarily valuable. The purpose of tying the bounty to the ship is to make players consider whether making that particular ship a valuable target is worth it, or not. Do I risk my extremely powerful but extremely pricey Vindicator on this Hulk, or should I instead just use a frigate of some variety, something that’ll make me easier to kill?

(Marcus Luttrell Khan) #148

I was actually going to write something on bounties but it seems that is already being discussed. It would be neat to have bounties that weren’t utterly useless

(Remiel Pollard) #149

EVE doesn’t have peer-to-peer servers, and it only has one mode. And for the record, recent numbers released actually show most people play in open. The VAST MAJORITY, in fact. Elite does a lot of things wrong, and it used to do C&P wrong as well, but now it does it right.

That was a really daft post though because you know full well EVE has something Elite does not - ship timers. No, you cannot just log out in space to save your ship without consequences. You’ll get probed down. If not, you still have to log in again later with that same ship.

(Omnathious Deninard) #150

When you repackage a ship in eve it loses its unique flag and becomes a typical database number, which would easily allow players to circumvent he bounty, while I haven’t played Elite, ships in eve are extremely disposable with the exception of a select few.

(Remiel Pollard) #151

Yes, I’m aware of that. That’s an easy solve - make repackaging a hot ship cost as much as the bounty on it.

(Ildrara) #152

You can in Elite. You can also play in solo and private mode. That is in fact how Elite does it.

I would have never came back to EVE if combat timers existed in Elite.

(Remiel Pollard) #153

Yes, I know that’s how it works in Elite. and ship timers is definitely something that game can learn from this one. What I’m saying is, the C&P system in Elite is something that this game can learn from that one. Doesn’t have to be implemented exactly the same and it would definitely need adjustments to make it gel with EVE, but I’m not talking about how I’d make Elite better, I’m talking about how I’d change EVE.

And when you say, ‘that’s how people do it’, don’t say it as if it’s the rule. It’s the exception. The vast minority of people do that in Elite.

(Ildrara) #154

I guess you never heard of the half dozen Mobius groups that maxxed out their PR groups.

Most players do not play in open. They play in private. Anyway.

The act of ganking should be left how it is.
Tethers should be removed from flashy characters.
Cargo scanners should be a suspect level activity in high sec when used on a player ship.
Bumping for any more than 15 minutes should be removed.
But the act of suicide ganking as it is now should be left alone.

There is absolutely no reason for anyone to get suicide ganked that doesn’t want to be.

(Remiel Pollard) #155

You should stop making assumptions about me. Regardless of Mobius, the vast amount of players DO play in open. Stats are up on the Elite forums, go see for yourself. Or not. Your choice if you wanna continue being wrong.

(Omnathious Deninard) #156

How do you solve it for the other 800 catalysts I have in my ship hanger?

(Remiel Pollard) #157

I don’t have to. Without concord, you won’t need 800 catalysts. You’ll have more freedom of choice.

(Omnathious Deninard) #158

If I can pirate more by having more ships before dealing with the consequences then I’m absolutely going to, not all criminals want the Infamy of being a well known criminal.

(Remiel Pollard) #159

On the first point, absolutely, and I understand there are details that would need to be fleshed out to make it work with EVE, but on the last point… well, we can’t always get what we want. Maybe that’s just a consequence of being a well-known criminal.

EDIT: Maybe, on point one, what we need is a capacity limit of how many ships you can store in a station. Less in NPC, a bit more in citadels you don’t own, and a lot more in citadels you do own, with capacity limits taking into account the need for caps and supercaps in nul and low of course. Or, maybe the limit just applies to empire stations.

(Dom Arkaral) #160

Idk why, but the sound of the last few posts attracted my attention

It would be a viable way to make bounties, all while making wars and suicide ganking less popular in a way.

Sure people would cry about it, but it would probably change the ecosystem for a more vivid and rewarding one