Seriously, i need a number

I fully intend to actually raise whatever funds are necessary to acquire at least eve if not ccp in its entirety. This is not a piss take, im serious. I need a number. Thanks.

@ISD_Buldath your perception does not reflect reality. I am not trolling. Period.

Maybe you guys can enlighten buldath. You two have earned my respect over the last several years.
Im actually asking for a real number. Idgaf about the drama.

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That’s a lie.

You are creating the drama.

If you are serious, hire a lawyer to contact PA’s legal team and get talks started. Buldath is doing the right thing with you.

Now be a good boy and GTFO.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

This is not information you can gain from the forums.

Please do not reopen closed threads.

Thank you,

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