Server's certificate dos not match the URL

Now, 2020-05-03 - 1 hour before Down Time, I got in the PC to check the game status, tried to log in and got the following message:

Certificate error has occurred:
Server’s certificate dos not match the URL.
following by the path as you can see in the print

The EVE Launcher appear white with a window over it with the message.

Last days, many times, occurred to the game pop the connection. This night, (GMT 0, Lisbon), around 03:00, I can’t restart on account after lost connection.
In this morning, both accounts lost connection.

About all others connections, run nice like Youtube running moves with fulll HD
My service tecnology is OpticFiber from the server to my Router in home.
Company: Vodafone
Town: Lisbon

Please… Tell me things .

Ana Luxor

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I am getting this as well, it started about half an hour ago for me give or take.


After down time, the first account logged OK but the second account logged, has without channels connections and I need to restart it, when got connections but need to recall the channels up including Intel Channels.

Server disconnect today around 6:40 AM EVE Time. Both account up got quit.

2020-05-04, 11:30 EVE Time, re-log accounts and ALL channels off. Re-log again, and the same.

2020-05-04, +/-04:40, Connection to the server has been lost and quit the both accounts Up.

Unbenannt Since the last downtime :thinking:

same thing, different language

I’ve opened the support ticket and got fix:

Please try downloading and installing the following update: Update for Windows 7 for x64-based Systems (KB3004394).

After restart everyhing worked as intended.

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