[Service] Achieve Your Potential in New Eden

Calling all capsuleers who want to experience improvement in every area of their immortal lives:

Do you crave to be the most high-performing, goal achieving, and productive pilot in New Eden?

Have people told you that you have “potential,” but you feel like true excellence has **slipped through your fingers **because of bad time management, habits, or toxic environments?

Do you know, deep down inside, that you are destined for greatness but lack clarity and focus in executing your dreams?

Or do you simply see the value of being around other likeminded, self-improvement focused pilots that keep each other accountable and want to lift each other** to the success we deserve**?

If so, then **this **is for you.

We are starting a mailing list tackling **science-based principles **in self improvement.

Each week, you will get a mail with tips and tricks on how you could adopt all of the skills you’ve learned in New Eden to become the best version of yourself.

Once we get a critical mass of subscribers to the Mailing List, we will open up a Discord for more accountability, community, and content. This link will be mailed to the people on the list.

The first mail will go out** Friday, July 24.** It will be about the “The REAL Magic 14: These skills will help you achieve any goal."

Subscribe to the mailing list: ProductiveGamer

What is the cost for this service? Nothing for the first 30 days. After 30 days, it will be Optional ISK donations only.

If you are serious about making progress towards becoming your best self, subscribe to the mailing list: ProductiveGamer

This is not for you if:

  • You are cynical and toxic about life in general.
  • You don’t aspire for greatness and love mediocrity.
  • You hate the idea of community.

Thank you, capsuleers. See you on the inside!

Fly safe and fly high o7

Kamja Seas

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