[Service] Alliance Logo design

Took a break from this service but have decided to start taking orders again, 13 years experience in branding, graphic design, ux design and web design.

Corporation/Alliance Logo Design
Website Banners
Killboard Banners
Website Design
UI Design

Does your corp auth system or software look ■■■■ and your corpmates keep complaining? im a UX / UI Developer, ill make it look sweet and provide the best experience to the user, I work work with Sass, HTML, JS, Git etc - hit me up if your a back-end dev and need any front-end work (this is more focused towards team development projects).

If you require anything not listed then please message me for a tailored quote.

I accept payment via ISK or assets for services (ie Plex, Ships etc) and am contactable via ingame convo and private mail if you require any more information and quotes for any work

Contact me in game via convo or direct mail


Some testimonials from happy customers :slight_smile:

Just got the last of the work i commissioned, to say the least I am VERRY happy. And i will most certainly use Lan again.
Ni Jien - Modulated Dreams

Lan Wang… a Amazing artist, who has went thru several different revisions of both a Alliance Logo and a Killboard banner and has done a Amazing Job while the entire time holding my hand thru the entire process.

Great Job Mr. Wang
Amely Miles - Exiled Tech

I could not be more pleased with the banner I’ve gotten for my youtube channel. The quality well exceeds the cost I paid and I will be referring anyone else to Lan as well as coming back in the future!

Thank you!!
Shaok Rikku - Mecha Enterprises Fleet

I used this service once before and was blown away by the quality of work I received, as well as how willing the designer was to go through every tedious revision I had in mind. Somehow I forgot to post a testimonial last time I was here, so I’ll do it this time as I return to place another order. Great to work with, great prices, quick turn around, and of course - very high quality work.
Jayne Fillon

Very good service! Would def recommend and will be using again!
Nutbolt - Avalon Project

Total pleasure to work with and an outstanding artist. I gave her a confusing shpeel about “vibes” and a sketch of a fish and through much patience on Lan’s part somehow ended up with something far better than i had hoped or planned. Eagerly awaiting my completed images and will be returning to Lan for all future design work.
Kino Skir

Link to my old post, ive been offering this service for a a few years now and have had plenty of customers, ive been a professional brand/graphic designer for over 13 years. https://forums-archive.eveonline.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=344060

Portfolio: https://evealon.carbonmade.com/

Currently interested in Corporation/Alliance Logo Design work - Do you design alliance logos specifically for use in-game attributed to the requirements per CCP?

And what’s the price range usually for this sort of work.

Yes i do, Prices start from 2bil (depending on complexity)

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