[SERVICE] Citadel Hauling Solutions - outsourcing your corp/alliance hauling to your citadels

Citadel Hauling Solutions supports larger corps and alliances in outsourcing all of their large scale hauling to/from their network of citadels. If you’re ready to make that commitment in terms of a deposit to assure safe citadel access, we can tailor set of services including

  • centralized billing for all member of your alliance (with extensions)
  • market resupply
  • higher than usual max collaterals
  • close coordination for timed delivery on short notice.

Contact any of the below citadel owners for references/recommendations on how we’ve performed over hundreds of contracts completed for them!

Even individual capsuleers benefit from the deposits that the larger corps/alliances make with Citadel Hauling Solutions. Below is a list of their public citadels where you can pay our very reasonable rates of 210M reward in 360k m3 moved your cargo to/from:

  • Heydieles - HQ. (Horngry) up to 10b collateral
  • Heydieles - SPACE COMPTON (Horngry) up to 10b collateral
  • Villore - BLACK MARKET (Horngry) up to 10b collateral

in 3 days anywhere except null sec. Let their deposit work for you! If you have questions ask in game arvi abba or the CITHS CEO or come to channel CITHS.

Looking for large scale shipper who need a group of JF haulers with a proven track record of “getting it done when you need it”!

This holiday season has been our busiest with over 1000 completed contract in just a few short months. We can provide recommendations (from both industrialists and a long time established organizations) and get you access to see our track record to convince you to close that deal with us.

Turn your hauling over to a known quantity and focus on what you love to do in this game!

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