[Service] Cloaked Miner Protection


The corporation [Kingdom of Bretonia] is offering cloaked mercenary services to any miners who can pay. The Kingdom uses 4 cloaked ships which includes 1 cov ops frigate, 2 cov ops cruisers, and a battleship.

We can also offer anomaly scanning!

Please Message me in game or reply here if you are interested.

Puppy Pilot

Which security space do you operate in?

Highsec, lowsec, null?


The Kingdom is happy to operate in all environments including worm hole space and null sec.

We are only 4 pilots though, so we can offer only small-scale attack mitigation and harassment. Even so, by camping gates we can provide ample warning to mining operations giving them time to warp off.

Puppy Pilot

Might work in low or null. You’re not saving anyone in high sec…

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