[SERVICE] Composing Quality Music For Your Project

NEW SAMPLE: https://youtu.be/N3YOr3XrjHs

Eve is full of people who are creating amazing projects and telling fantastic stories - and those are often made better with powerful music.

Maybe your corporation is making a recruitment video to draw fresh blood to your cause. Perhaps you’re a streamer or YouTuber and you create entertaining videos about Eve. Or mayhaps you’re a storyteller and you’re creating cinematic Eve “films” for us to enjoy.

Regardless of your project, I can compose unique music that gives it added vigor and emotion - music that makes it stand out.

Now, if you’re at all interested, you’ve probably got some questions. I might have answered them in the hand-dandy FAQ sheet below - and if I didn’t, you’re welcome to post here or send me a message ingame.

Q: Have you done this before?
A: Absolutely. I’ve composed music for a couple of indie games, I’ve created a few intros for stories and YouTube channels, and I’ve even composed a couple of Eve-inspired songs. Here’s a link to my SoundCloud (http://www.soundcloud.com/joshuacforrest/tracks) and here’s one to my website if you like a bit more organization (http://www.joshuacforrest.com/composing-portfolio).

Q: And why are you doing this?
A: Three main reasons. 1) I love collaborating with people on creative projects. 2) Composing music with a theme is often more fun than composing abstractly, and this gives me an extra opportunity to do that and develop my portfolio at the same time. 3) I’d like to fund my Eve expenditures.

Q: How much do I have to pay for this?
A: You wrote that question wrong. Let me help you: “How much do I get to invest in this?” And to answer your question, here’s a little pricing bullet-list.

  • Any piece of instrumental music up to 3 minutes in length: 500 PLEX or ISK of equal value.
  • If you want vocals too: An extra 500 PLEX or ISK of equal value.
  • For pieces longer than 3 minutes, we can discuss custom pricing.

Q: Wait, you want… like… 1.7 billion ISK for a piece of music?
A: I do! And to help explain that, here’s a little math. If you were to buy the equivalent PLEX with real-life money, you’d pay about $20 USD. Now, when I charge for my services outside of Eve, I charge about $250 USD for a 1 minute intro that someone gets exclusive rights to. That’s a midline going wage for this type of thing. For music where you don’t get exclusive rights, you would normally pay $10-$50 USD per song - but that music isn’t custom made for your project. You have to fit it in.

This is a chance for you to get CUSTOM, non-exclusive music - which is good for both you and me, and it’s at a competitive rate (were we using RL finances as a measuring tool).

Q: So I don’t get exclusive rights to what I pay you for?
A: No. You get the rights to use the custom song I created for the specified project only.

Q: I listened to your portfolio and I mostly heard sad neoclassical songs. What else can you do?
A: With regard to genre, I can do almost anything except rock (because for some reason, I just can’t.)

And that’s about it.

If you’d like to hire me, message me ingame (Martin Lockheart) or send me a message on Twitter @JoshuaCForrest.

I look forward to working with some of you and making great productions that help people see the wonders (or horrors) of New Eden.

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great service and awesome samples Martin Lockheart

Free bump for a great service.

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Thank you! I appreciate it.

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New example of my work on a corporation recruitment video will be coming out with the December update. Keep an eye out for that!

New sample added: https://youtu.be/N3YOr3XrjHs

Just took a listen. In real life I am a concert pianist and artist manager. Definitely enjoyed your compositions. Good job!!

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That’s awesome man! Thanks!

If you ever want to collaborate on something, send me a message. Congrats on getting to that point in your career!

Still taking on projects!

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