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Is there a way in client to post contracts for services (“miner for hire” or “gun for hire” for example). I’m an early game miner, and it’s kinda boring mining alone. If someone wanted to hire a mining buddy and pay them for the ore, 1) I’d be willing to do that, and 2) I’d find it more desirable than my current arrangement of mining and running back to base to sell occasionally.

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Eve Mogul has a number of public moon mining operations in highsec. The systems are Inari and Waira in the Citadel region.

When the fields will be available is published:

A forum thread can be found:


There’s a ‘Fleet Finder’ available in game, icon in the NeoCom bar on left side of screen. Maybe try that out.

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@Do_Little’s comment there is spot on and that’s a great way to not only join a fleet, but make some connections with people you can can hang out with in the future.

I would also suggest checking out a few different systems to look for a more active community- you may not have to go far. If you see a crew, say hello on local and be friendly. Lots of folks are happy to have casual fleets when they are in a belt. I mine belts in an Orca largely so if I see solo folks in a belt, I can fleet and boost them just to be helpful and friendly. I’ve made good friends in-game by doing that. Not everybody does that of course, but there are a lot of us who do.

@DeMichael_Crimson’s comment about the Fleet Finder can also be helpful. Unfortunately, the mechanics are a little wonky for people who don’t already know each other, but it can be helpful as well.

Lastly, if you are looking for something a little more long-term, you might want to consider changing (or joining) a corp. Lots of them will offer fleets as well as buy-back programs for the ore, and there are almost always other things to do (combat, etc.)

Hope that helps.


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