Contract Theory - High Sec Moon Mining and Industry

Contract Theory is looking new and old miners, industrialists, and explorers to join us and help us grow into a large presence in New Eden. The eventual goal is to form our own alliance and take Null Sec space for ourselves.

If you’re interested in mining with other people in an active corp, we are the corp for you.

We offer:

  • Refinery and Engineering Complex access
  • Corporation owned Market in system
  • Daily mining fleets with boosts
  • New Player Friendly
  • ABC Moon Mining
  • Ore and Salvage Buyback
  • Mission running
  • Discord and SeAT
  • Fit ships on contract at our refinery
  • Blueprint library for corp use in our engineering complex

We operate in Caldari space, a few jumps from Jita.

Apply in game or join channel “Theory Room” to ask some questions!

Growing nicely – a few players a day. Mining fleets nightly!

Solid group of guys! Steady growth with the little time we have been operational. Leaders are already emerging within our ranks and teaching newer players the ropes. It is awesome to see and be a part off. Lots of mining fleets with buffs and even some mission runs if you are into that. A blast to play!

Set up a 1% Market in our home system, looking for traders to stock it with us! Still recruiting Miners, Industrialists, Explorers and Mission Runners still!

Hey I was checking Discord and the corporate channel isn’t showing for me. Has it changed or my status changed in the corporation?

This corp still recruiting? I’m looking for a corp to help me get back into the game.

My interests are mining and hauling

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