Mogul Financial Moon Mining

Hello all!

Mogul Financial has started expansions into highsec, as well as low sec moon mining. So far we have 60 moons in highsec extracting, and a dozen moons in lowsec. We have two systems slated for our first expansion, set up so there will be a new field every day on 30 day cycles. You can view more details here:

Promo Infographic:

I’ve just finished putting up a dozen Athanors in the lowsec system of Basgerin, they’re set on weekly moon timers and are completely free to the public to mine. This is more of a trial run, to see if interest takes off but if there is interest we are happy to expand our holdings to the rest of the moons. We have already set up buy orders in system for the ores if you are not able to reprocess and utilize the materials.

To see the status of the extractions, you can visit here:
This lists the day it comes out, and what materials to be expecting.

About Basgerin:
Basgerin is a lowsec island, meaning it’s surrounded by highsec. It was once inhabited by Mercenary Coalition, who have recently moved away and gifted their Keepstar to Sixth Empire ran by Max Singularity the space pope. The in-system Sotiyo has been put under EVE-Mogul’s control as well and we are looking forward to expanding the already abundance of features the system has to offer. In system there is also a reaction/refining Tatara, as well as a t2 ore refining Athanor to service the sotiyo. More info about EVE-Mogul structures in system here:

As always, entering lowsec has its risks. EVE-Mogul will do it’s best to ensure safety for it’s consumers but there are limits to what we can do.


This actually sounds very interesting …

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How would you propose doing that? I’m not expecting a full-scale combat fleet sitting there watching miners mine, but what could EVE-Mogul do to help ensure the idea of safety?

Honestly, I’d probably bring a bomber out there, just to have a look around. It’s nice to see a corp sharing in moon mining operations, though. Especially since there’s no moon mining in wormholes. :frowning:

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I like that idea and if people are interested I am certainly willing and able to provice reprocessing services with perfect skills there.

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Is EVE-MOGUL and it’s partners in the system have a NRDS policy, or how will this be hashed out?


Not sure about other arrangements that could be made, strokes chin.

EVE-Mogul will operate on a NRDS policy there, and if the demand requires it we can start to hire defense forces working under the same engagement strategy. I’m almost positive that the Sixth Empire who control the keepstar operate under the same manner.

We’ve also had our first successful moon cracking! I’ve seen a few ventures out there having their way with the rocks :slight_smile:

Well, my first dive into low sec mining went about as well as expected. Took a venture because I was pretty sure I was going to die. And, not to be let down, I did in fact get my ship blown up. He was in a hound so I would like to think he was cloaked waiting for me, but it is entirely possible I just missed him warping in. Oh well.

I was waiting for this, I was absolutely sure that because it was put up in the forums that the fecal matter wouldn’t be far behind, mining in low sec is a waste of resources in my opinion, besides mining Veldspar you can just sell and buy the ore you want, or minerals, but going to low sec is like going to a ghetto with the latest footwear on…someones gonna jack you for it.

Were you able to extract any resources before he decloaked?

Yeah. I got one load to a station before I got hit. Now I have a plan.

Align out.
Make PANIC tab with only ships. If anything hits grid, warp out.
Use the cheapest fit venture. If they get me, oh well.

Already avoided another gank last night with the PANIC tab. Hurricane couldn’t lock me fast enough before I was gone.

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Looks like a decent hunting ground … not hunting miners of course. :wink:

I will also add some bounty reward system going forward as well. Will have to hammer out details, but I’ll post here with any updates!

I’m curious to take a look at the moon mining process but I don’t know that I’ll be a regular player. The cat-and-mouse of mining in low/null as an independent just isn’t that much fun for me for what it delivers.

To be clear, I take no issue with game design, and I’d be fine with CODE clearing all Eve of all players if they could.

It’s the bouncing in and out of tether to escape in exchange for theoretically more valuable ore that is…boring.

But, maybe I can change and I love what @Jeronica is doing with this idea.

Thanks! If you have any recommendations for us as well, we are very open. This is new territory for everyone, and no one can think of everything.

Just an FYI to people, tomorrow basgerin’s highest value moon will be coming out.
It contains these ores:
Chromite - 10,585,458.00 / hour
Cinnabar - 17,060,682.60 / hour
Pollucite - 21,658,936.50 / hour

The isk/hour shown is a t2 venture(before refine/selling), mining 18km3 per hour.

Hope to see you guys out there!

Sounds quite interesting, ive been in basgerin a few times I’m literally next door to it but always found it to be a tad to dangerous.

Very Interested in giving this a go :slight_smile:


When does next fracture occur?

You can get updates on fractures on the eve-mogul discord, or also checking the website here:

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Very nice someone actually tries something like this. Probably the fear of random lowsec mining is high, though.

We’ve expanded to highsec! Can see the upcoming extractions here:

We will have a more formal announcement this weekend, with more news about supporting services.