[Service] [Dead] Code against Ganking - Closed 05/12/22 - Step by Step to a safer Highsec

Not sure what you are trying to accomplish here. Your list won’t stop a single gank. The types of people that get ganked are the type that know better than to fly around with a billion ISK in the cargo hold, or not to fly around un-tanked, but they do anyway. There is no helping these people. EVE has been open-world 24/7 PVP for 18 years now, and that’s not going to change. You consented to getting your ship and pod blown up the instant you installed the game…


Do you use zkill on the system and does it always update as I read the other day that some zmails are missing or delayed.

You can find anything on the webpage.

Highsec ist unsafe because you cannot see a potential threads like in 0-sec or lowsec in local.

I really think this could improve quality of live for miners, transporters (using Scouts) or antigankers.

If you don’t believee me, join the free Alpha :wink:

so, this will be offered as a service? (asking for a friend)

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How about a website to trade killrights :crazy_face:

Note: only said half in jest, coz … some gankers do not link their kills on zkill. But ALL hi/losec victims get killrights.

You are absolutly right, it appreas that more and more gankers are not on zkill anymore.

But there is an easy solution to that, add your corp / character to zkill OR post your losses against gankers by hand.

My code handles manual added or delayed killmails separately, to prevent false positive or false negative detections.

Can you develop a more automated system that only undocks my ship when gankers are not in local, and just immediately docks if they appear in local or a system within 6 jumps of me?


Someone developed already a System like that, its called gank Intel and your HANDS (don’t tell Gigx) :slight_smile:

edit. You are on place 13 with 880 Ganks

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13th?! Such disappointment…

I believe in you!

Maybe my only purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others.

Sorry i have to tell you, i don’t believe in you. Mixed up your and Aiko Danuja’s name :sweat_smile:

As I said, this is not an elaborate attempt to get data with no value.

Currently, the entire project is built as I imagined it. I am open for any kind of feedback and hope to provide appropriate confidence this way.

If you are really concerned about read access, I will find a way to solve the problem differently.

Apologizes will be only accepted if accompanied with a fair ISK tribute to Aiko Danuja. (Just don’t forget to mix up our names again when making the transfer).

No, that is not my concern. My concern is with the abundance of neutrals in HS, each one of these can be a ganker/scout that your system don’t account for. That is the intelligence noise that is eliminated in NS but not in HS.
So, you idea is useful, just not enough for me to use.

Nullsec did not become more secure because of NEAR2 or because of local chat alone, it became less unsafe because of intel chats. It is a community task to make highsec safer that I cannot take over with a tool alone.

The tool alone is not usefull alone BUT (as i wrote on my webpage) it is a first step.

Lets jump 10 months ahead, there is a discount for active users of the already existing Ganking Intel Channel. The current Intel users can recognise Gankers at first sight and the discount has increased the number of Intel users.

So what’s my place #?

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holding my breath

Well, you may rather ask me again in 10 months when you have more than just an idea to show. Right?

I am asking for people for a pre alpha, 90% of the coding is done it only needs to finetune.

This is far more then a idea right now :slight_smile: And like i said

I am providing a step, the rest in on you guys.

Ok, but what place # am I?

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For the love of God tell Aiko she No:1 , that way we can all move on


I’m #1??

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