[Service] Free Force Protection

Where to find us: Free Force Protection Chat Channel in game.

Who are we?:

Force Protection Opratives working on a Tip Service. You pay with what your happy with, or dont pay at all.


For the greater good, working with you in order to secure your operations. Building close connections and friendships within the EvE community.

Jobs we undertake:

#- Mining Operation Security
#- Hauling Security & gank prevention
#- Defensive Scout Force
#- S.O.S Response Force
#- EWAR Support

Hello! Do you all help with Forward Stronghold clearing in High Security? We are having trouble finding 10-20 pilots who will clear them from our little area so we can mine and PVE safely. There is roughly 4-5 billion isk and faction modules to be made if you can clear the sites. If you’d be willing, I’d pay a tip what I can to help!

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