[Service] Kane’s IT Services ( SeAT / ThunderED/ Pathfinder / Discord Bots and more)

Reupped since the old on died ([Service] Kane's IT Services ( SeAT / ThunderED/ Pathfinder / Discord Bots and more))

Looking for a Auth system to manage your corp / alliance? Want to use a tool like SeAT, Alliance Auth, or ThunderED? I am opening my private hosting service up to the public.

Having hosted (and still hosting) services for several groups ranging from a 10 man corp to 900 character alliance I have experience with scale of services. Now that I have a good setup and procedure on how to run these systems, I am finally offering up my services up to the public.

As I am still setting up the service, my current offering will be limited to see how this scales so offerings of products are subject to change.

Products Offered (Prices offered are Monthly costs paid on the 1st of the month)

  • SeAT - (0-100 characters) 300m | (101-300) 600m | (300+) 750m+*
    • I am offering SeAT hosting at a tiered rate as the amount of characters in the system will add to the resources needed.
  • ThunderED - 600m
    • Depending on the modules that you are wanting, this can be an involved setup. Please be aware of the dependencies ( ESI application / Discord Bot application) and have those if possible. I am able to help if needed.
  • Pathfinder - 200m
    • Great tool for WH diving.

All services require a 2 month Deposit before work starts (this will be used toward monthly payments after install)

You have 15 days after the install date to ask for a full refund if you aren’t happy with the service / not what you ended up needing.

Contact me on Discord: Kane Larrete#9968 - You will need to send a friend request

SeAT / ThunerED both require a working domain to be used. I can provide a custom domain located on *.hosting.kanes.space (ie corp.hosting.kanes.space) or I can help setup DNS records of a domain you own.

Paid deposit for services. :dizzy: