[Service] [Open Beta] Code against Ganking - Update 08/25/21 - Step by Step to a safer Highsec

Its your interest in arguing thats the part I dont understand.

Editted to be on-topic: So, what benefit does a gank detector give worth paying for?

I think you will find two other posters were doing the arguing. But I do wonder about you always on this forum getting into arguments, you seem to be here all the time.

@Gangolf_Ovaert - Yep, no problem, sorry for that.

Off-topic… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: No issue, it is my opinion, of course made more amusing by the simple fact that people call it hisec ganking or suicide ganking to denote it as specifically hisec, I sort of wonder why that would be a thing if I was wrong.

The funny thing is that many times people were giving intel of lowsec systems with gate camps, especially those that were a major hisec/nullsec route in AG intel. Many people would say this is hisec, blah blah blah, but I was rather happy for people to report that information. However most people using those routes will know who and what to look for and there are normally specific people doing this type of camping, so I don’t think your service would add much here.

Im quite sure I have no idea what you mean by that.

Editted to be on-topic: So, what benefit does a gank detector give worth paying for?

@Dracvlad @Ramona_McCandless can you keep this please out of my thread?

Thank you!

Well tbh its generated an on-topic question;

Does your gank detector work outside of High Sec?

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For me it don’t work at all.

Actual i would have to adjust only an sql request to make it work outside of hs.

BUT i don’t agree with dracvlad.

Cool cool. Thanks for the reply

Who are the people behind this. Is there proof that this is not a virus? Do you provide an .exe/precompiled code? (If yes, massive red flag!) Do you provide the source code to check it?

i am the guy behind the project and will try to answer your questions.

Probably there is a little misunderstanding, my service is no programm you can download and install on your local PC.

CAG runs on my server which you can use via my website https://cag.gangolf.space.

The Frontend (Webpage) does not download anything to your PC (except a Session Cookie and maybe Images according your Browser Settings).

Me and my team

Since it is an Webservice running on an server, it cannot be a virus, BUT i uploaded the sourcecode to virustotal :slight_smile:

No, I have not and will not do so in the future.

No, I have not and will not do so in the future.

Ok, so you are essentially doing zkill 2.0. What is the benefit of using your website over zkill? You say you register more kills: Can you publish a full data set for one day so we can compare it to zkill?

I recommend to you to read the description and the front page of my project, it descripes exactly what CodeAgainstGanking does and what it does not. Here is screenshot:

The filtered data is the value behind the project. I do not intend to publish it in its raw form. Currently, access to the project is free, so you can check it out for yourself for free.

Just publish the data for one day please so we can check if this project is legit. One has to register on your website, which looks like a scam.

Its free right now… it can’t be a scam.

Please read the previos posts before you answer :slight_smile:

I signed up for this program. It was free, so I thought why not.

Then I noticed that my computer had a virus, and the gankers seemed to always know where I am. Is the owner selling our personal data to gankers? I think so. I uninstalled Windows and will never trust this application again.

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I don’t see an entry in my database table for registered users.

There are also no losses on your killboard from gankers (only concord :slight_smile: )

I ll take your post as a free bump, thank you :+1:

Thanks for the free advertising!

Thank you for warning me of this scam. I won’t pay for this anti-ganking tool since everything they do looks way too scammy. Code against Ganking is clearly a rip-off.

Why do you only post zkill stuff. I thought your website was supposed to track gankers… So it doesn’t even work yet?