[SERVICE] [PUSHX] Push Industries - Hauling service

Excellent service, great communication , really fast service and you can keep track of your contract.

I used 2 services from low to HS.

Thanks and I´ll use your service in the future!

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Very fast delivery, transport from Jita, expensive ship. No problems.
Thank you.

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PushX Hauling - Service Changes Announcement

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Hello New Eden! Cassie Helio, CEO of PushX here. Below are some announcements regarding our services.

All changes in this announcement are ACTIVE as of this post.

More Collateral, Less Fees

There is NO MORE CHARGE for collateral up to 1.5b on non-JF service contracts. Our Nano/X-Small/Small/Large services no longer start charging collateral fees after 1b collateral. Now there is no extra charge until the collateral of a contract reaches 1.5b. This is basically for Inty/BR/DST/Freighter services.

Bracketed Pricing for Freighters

To adjust to the changing landscape of High Sec travel for slow moving freighters, our Large service for freighters will see some changes. Longer trips will have a lower ISK/warp rate while shorter trips will have an increased ISK/warp rate. The following are the new bracketed rates. This is only applies to High Sec Freighter sized contracts.

High Sec Large (62,500 - 848,000m³):

  • Up to 11 warps - 1,315,000 ISK per warp
  • Up to 21 warps - 1,165,000 ISK per warp
  • Up to 31 warps - 1,112,000 ISK per warp
  • More than 31 warps - 1,050,000 ISK per warp

Rush Price Adjustments

Rush prices have been adjusted as follows

Nano, X-Small, Small, Large, X-Large

  • +45m flat fee


  • +120m flat fee


  • +180m flat fee

Still offering 10% Trade Hub Discounts

Even in this new age of seemingly endless high sec warps to get to one trade hub to another, PushX still offers a 10% discount for contracts going to and from any trade hubs. We have always offered this discount, we just wanted to remind everyone that we still honor this trade hub discount.

Eligible Systems

  • Jita, Amarr, Dodixie, Rens, Hek

Trade hub discounts apply to contracts that start and end at trade hubs.

We will be keeping a very close eye on these prices and the effects on our services. We will make adjustments if needed in the future.

Thank you very much patrons of New Eden. See you in space.

Cassie Helio

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