[SERVICE TOOL] NOW FREE - Easy Trader - Trading Software Tool // Make Millions now!

It’s completely free now! Make trading a LOT more profitable. With EVE Easy Trader!

What does the EVE Easy Trader can do:

  • It finds trade opportunities for all goods available in eve (over 40.000) for a start and a target station (where you buy and sell the goods)

  • Supports direct selling (sell - buy) and indirect selling (sell - sell).

  • Includes your tax and trading fee in the calculations. Never recheck if the displayed trade really is profitable

  • The integrated Trade Finder Pro will not only find profitable trades, it will tell you exactly how much items you need to buy, as it knows exactly how much you directly can sell at the target station.

  • Thanks to a lot of filters you can adapt to your preferences and standing. You can filter for ROI, Buy Price, Profit and Volume

  • The 5 major trade hubs are pre defined, but you can search good trades in any system with the build in custom system function

Get it here: https://eve-easy.com

Get it here: https://eve-easy.com


This tool is a game changer!! I am glad to help support this project! I can also now be reached in game for sales support!!! Feel free to reach out to me 24x7x365, in game , on discord Bill Ramen REDUX#6759, or text me at +16822830880. (Yes that is my actual cell, pls don’t delete ISD, ty.!) I cannot stress how beautifully put together this program is, and how its going to change the face of trading as we know it.!

Just published the first update. Easy Trader now has the Trade Finder Pro. With this, it not only finds the best Trades, but also tells you how much amount you have to buy and can sell savely. More in the demonstration video.

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I tested out the trial license and made some millions with no effort.

Not meaning to bit a bit dumb, but how do you get a licence? I can not see anywhere on the website, no links or anything. I have downloaded both tools and wanted to test them out.

Hi, for Easy Invest you don’t need a license. Simply click on “Create Profile” and follow the instructions. Dor the Easy Trader youneed a license. Contact this character (Le Fist) ingame and you can get a trial or a paid license.

Best regards

Easy Trader is completely free now with all features included.
Have fun trading :slight_smile:

Get it HERE


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