🏆 [SERVICE] Videos, Billboard Ads, Websites, Graphics

Billboard Ads Status : RE-OPENED

10 % DISCOUNT for all services! - 72h Valid.
Send me an eve-mail with your request or post a message in the thread. Use the code if you send an eve-mail :slight_smile:

New contracts status : ON HOLD

Yaosus seems to be a fibber.

"Yaosus, when you expect money upfront your expected not to lie. Here is a screen shot of the mail I sent you. You most definitely did not do anything of the sort. I’m going to leave out how you responded to me being undecided after this screen shot. I would not sully my name like that if I were you. I’ll leave a link to this in your add since you are so adamant about lying in public. Especially on someone else’s add who is looking for services.

Photo of Yaosus’s fib.

He posted it on this long dead add for a contest that didn’t take off.

Unfortunately he must not have looked at the date since the updated add for 10b straight across for a billboard is posted here.

He may be a good guy but he shouldn’t be running around fibbing on peoples threads. And in his defense I didn’t realize that his insult was on a months old thread post until after I responded, so mistakes could be made in that department.

This is a sales thread not a dispute thread. Please remove your trash from my post and stop posting in my thread because you know very well that I refused to take your project that very minute you sent the second evemail that you conveniently forgot to post. I won’t post it because it’s not my business nor do I want to start a dispute. You are not my client and you will never become one. Deal with it.

Maybe you did not get it the first time : I refuse to work with you.

10/10 would bang again.

He completed my billboard ad video yesterday, it was exactly like I had envisioned it in my head when I described it to him. Dude does amazing work!

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Latest Project

@Irrissia thank you for your kind rec. BTW let me know where to send the optimized vid :slight_smile:

If Yaosus says CCP will guarantee his services they will not. Included in this video is even more fibbing and deceit by this guy. Enjoy.


WOW I am amazed. Thank you for the publicity.

FYI : if you have a sales thread running each transaction is guaranteed by CCP in terms of you cannot walk away with the isk without delivering the service. A simple petition would reverse the transaction.

Your attempt to trash post my thread is hilarious. Please continue :rofl:

Nice artwork! +1 from a graphic designer/artist. Keep up the great work!

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@Crimson_Draufgange Thank you! Merry Christmas everyone!

Happy New Year everyone!
1 slot opened for a billboard ad - 10% discount valid 72h

Slot taken. Contracts are on hold.

1 contract slot available.

Slot taken. Contracts are on hold.

can you create a logo in space near the tradehub in jita “MOONPIRE” ?
i saw this was made by “SHTIRLIZ” maybe you saw it, too. They made it with “depots” or soemthing…



If you want an image with a logo in space this is doable, but if you are asking for ingame “depot art” I am afraid I cannot help you with that. First of all it adds to the game lag. We all love this game so let’s try to make it a better place for everybody.

Secondly if you want a billboard ad, a video or anything related to advertising your corp/alliance/services there’s a waiting line and until I finish the current projects, which are quite complicated I won’t be taking on new clients.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Custom work done for @COMMANDER_KATMAN the officer hunting superstar :slight_smile:



thank you and good “roidbelt” luck :smiley:


It was Awesome working with Yaosus. Custom service and very adaptive as an artist and I got what I wanted, I am not easy to please when it comes to these things. Fine Job Indeed!

I would work with him again in the future. Anyone reading this looking for an Art Guy

No BallSh*t A++ Service.

Worth the ISK.

You are in good hands here!

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Thank you Kat. 1 project slot available!