Settings window won't scroll, can't use certain options

The settings window is massively large and doesn’t seem to scale with resolution, although that is a bit weird in and of itself it’s normally not an issue because you can scroll up and down and get to all functions and options.

Not so for the reset settings window, it will not scroll and even on 1440P you can’t get all the options on screen, partially because some of them are hidden behind the quit game button. Setting it to a lower resolution makes it even worse as most of the options end up off screen.

I’ve tried full screen, fixed window and all the other options. I need/want to clear my cache but it’s simply not possible it seems.

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The issue seems to be UI scaling, it was set to 110%. Setting it to 100% made it work but it’s still kinda weird it doesn’t work in 110%.

Today’s patch:

  • The Reset Settings menu is now scrollable.

Either it’s a massive coincidence or this got resolved in two weeks after it being mentioned. Whatever the reason, awesome stuff <3.

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