[Shadow Intent] is looking for solid PVPers USTZ / WH / Small Gang

Who is Shadow Intent?
A dedicated WH corp, who grew tired of EVE politics and decided to play the game for our interests, instead of the interests of large coalition figureheads.

We undock and play eve.

How can I join?
EVE Mail " Helios Axion " or " ib0x "
Join " Shadow Intent " channel

What do you even do as a corporation?
We use wormholes as a means to fill our wallets to the brim with ISK, satisfy our bloodlust when the holes are on our side, or simply mine to our cargos content. This is your sandbox, build your own castle.

We also love fleet composition and developing fits;

  • Micro/Small Gang PVP
  • Highclass combat site running
  • Extensive industry structure

All of Shadow Intent’s endeavors are PvP centric

Looking for:

  • Self Sufficient
  • Competitive
  • Scanning & Bookmarking Skills
  • General WH knowledge
  • Willing to learn meta and solid individual piloting skills
  • Good Comms
  • Age req 18+
  • US TZ

Pilots specializing in:

  • Cloaking
  • Scanning
  • Scouting
  • T3C/D
  • Command Destroyer
  • Interdictors
  • Interceptor
  • Support
  • Logistics

If you are willing to learn, be comprehensive and adaptive then we are willing to bring you on.

Join our Discord

b u m p

b u m p





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