Share access to MTU's

Just in general, why I can’t allow someone to access my MTU and pick it up, feels really stupid.

I can share my wrecks and allow other to loot those? But not an MTU.

Please fix :open_mouth:

I don’t think any significant number of players would make use of this feature, so it would be some developer time/effort spent toward an underutilized feature (especially since the majority of the time MTUs are collecting low-value goods, and those using MTUs to collect high-value goods are just asking for their MTUs to get ganked and lose those high-value goods). It also would go against the principle of this being a PERSONAL deployable where it should only benefit the owner like a mobile depot would. Otherwise we’d get into the conversion “why can’t mobile depots be shared with multiple entities?” and that would further defeat the intended niche.

If you want a tractor beam that can share loot with others, have a friend fly the Noctis.

That’s just clearly hypothetical and not based on any statistics if it would be used or not, or by how many. We wouldn’t know until it’s implemented.
And the time/effort we are talking about is a minor tweak and nothing that couldn’t be done under a few hours.

What is this principle you are talking about? And why do you think it should only benefit me and not others? Wouldn’t be different from having a friend getting a noctis to do it. Except this would take a longer time.

I mean I have a door to my house, but I can still share my key to it. It’s not something unlogical and unrealistic.

It’s just stupid that it doesn’t exist.

The majority of the time is spent in testing moreso than actual development. A considerable amount of manhours relative to the benefit is going to be expended at this. You’re looking at hundreds of dollars in manhours for such little benefit that serves as a deterrent to co-operation (see last point).

From the blog post announcing mobile structures as part of the Rubicon release:

Unlike Starbases, these Mobile Structures belong to individual pilots, not to corporations. This means that players need not belong to a player corporation to deploy them, and that their services generally apply either to the single character that deployed the structure or to everyone equally.

By everyone equally, they are referring to stuff like bubbles, etc. There is no “select group of people” mechanics intended for mobile structures. This was the intention from the start and should not change as it violates the principle of it being a personal deployable.

This overlooks a key aspect of the game: This game is an MMO, so game mechanics should be designed such that they encourage teamwork. The absence of an MTU that you can share leaves a need that can only be addressed by handling MTU/looting yourself or enlisting friends to help handle looting, the latter of which is in the spirit of an MMO.

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I think you are just blowing the time it takes to do something like this out of proportion for the sake of your argument. They could pretty much just copy code from other doodads to make it work exactly as intended in a short span of time.

“…to everyone equally. It is very likely that we will add more Mobile Structures in the future that require and interact with corporation membership, but for now we’re starting from an individual perspective.”

So to this I say… please get on with this allready.

I don’t know about you, but one of us ( or both) doing the pewpew and the other(or both beeing able to) picking up the loot, sounds exactly like teamwork. Only now, the one looting can come back and doing after we’re done, with an MTU. #Teamwork

This also creates possible content for others to shoot and steal our loot.

It’s still stupid that this doesn’t exist yet.

As a software developer I find this kind of ignorant armchair coding extremely frustrating.

No you can’t just copy and paste from somewhere else and expect it to work. That’s just plain wrong.

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I agree. As a software developer myself, I can also say that coding is the relatively easy part, but QA is the time consuming part. Time = Money so it adds up fast for a mechanic that is diminishing collaborative gameplay.

Maybe the both of you just suck at your job? (:

No you’ve just never written a line of code in your life. :slight_smile:

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“Hello, World!” in JavaScript doesn’t count.

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There is nothing to “fix”. Mobile Tractor Units and Mobile Depots were designed as personal structures and are working as intended. If you want to share storage with fleet members in space, take a ship with a fleet hangar.

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Hacking I would support - as long as you go suspect the moment you lock it!

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If you are going to demand something like this, just skip the MTU baloney and demand the small upwell structures that CCP hasn’t bothered to implement at all.

Actually, turning the MTUs cargo hold into a fleet hanger would be a neat feature and I doubt it would even be very time consuming to do.
Appart from that though I wouldn’t want MTUs to be transferable in space.

therefor +1/2

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