Share HUD Layouts and Keybindings *with other people*

Exactly what it says on the tin.

I want to be able to export a HUD layout and/or keybinds and share them directly with others, in a way that they can immediately have the same settings.

I know it’s possible to port settings amongst one’s own characters, but I’m talking about giving settings to other people.

The purpose being, I want to develop a “newbie template” HUD that I can just throw at newbies to start off with. When recruiting new people to the game (or people to a corp), I can throw that preconfigured HUD layout at them and they don’t have to spend hours rearranging the windows, removing the probe / directional scanner from the Map, installing overviews, rebinding keys, etc etc.


Don’t you find the startup personalizing of the layout kinda basic though?

Also, if you show/explain how to use the options to implement personalized layouts/bindings/Neocom etc rookies can learn to get the most of Eve themselves.

I get you - it would be convenient, but I don’t think it’s super necessary.

Nice idea though.

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