Share your custom colour themes!

Got my hands to the custom colouring settings finally - tried to approach triglavian feel as I started to fly Kikimora/Draugur.

CODE of colour (paste!): #A8BE7B,#800000,#030303,#800000

Anyone got own schemes to share too maybe?


  • to use classic dirty-green/red duo as triglavianists use, the key is to find that specific kind if DIRT in green - professional artists would laugh at that task, but for amators is quite a challenge!
  • initial tint was at ZERO (=cooler!), but picture looked too contrast for eyes in the prolonged periods of watching, thus at east TINY amount of tint is required to stay focused
  • sadly, not all elements of the UI is falling under customization categories, SUCH AS ship’s speed indicator which is always of “sea wave” colour. Would be good to enhance the customization toolset a bit wider.

Please, copypaste your custom themes!


Will try this out, thanks for sharing!

#C400FF,#0019FF,#000000,#0019FF is one of my current themes. Purple with blue accents.

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100% one of the best , that PURPLE it’s purely amazing ! Thank you .:blush::blush:

Screenshots of these combinations would be great.