Shareable mobile depot \ cosmetic depot

Hello everyone! Can CCP create a two Mobile depots variants?

  1. Shareable MD. U place Depot and share fitting \ cargohold ability to fleet \ corp \ access list
  2. Cosmetic MD. For painters - good tool to show masterpiece (1min to deploy, no cargo, easy moving without redeploy, colorful tags)

OR! CCPLEASE add abylity, what unanchor npc structures (from npc anomalyes) and anchor where you want for decorative memes.
For example: i have to place black monolith and enclose a fence of guristas structures

As if theres not enough space penises and moonpie signs already.

Pix Severus was here. Excluded


CCP may create fragile this types of depots.

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Hey if they are as fragile as MTUs or fragiler then cool.

or create 10 min to reinforce for this 1000hp structure

Eh I suppose.

I hate reinforement timers though.

Or do it another way:
Make it possible to unanchor npc structures (in combat areas).
And from these structures to do anything. Suddenly I want to put a black monolith next to the citadel and fence off the building With a guristas fence

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Player built anomolies? I love that idea

Removed Memes and Off topic posts. Please keep it to topic, thank you.

Bad show :frowning:

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