Sharedcache Compression

Hello CCP and Eve

I desire to have my disk space back, with several characters all using the same sharedcache. I am asking you guys CCP to create way to compress the files on my drives when not using them. I hope it works. 200 GBs of information files is hard to store, let alone the migration to Google drive is a long time. You guys use sometime a small amount of the file to update, I looked at steam access to your sharedcache nothing has loaded on drive. Should transfer all my accounts to steam?

Ricardo Tobias Johnsen and others

uh, the shared cache is exactly that? You need a single Eve install for multiple clients running.

Yes multiple clients that are all Omega, with the usage of multiple computer drives I require a common shared cache to store all characters. Here is a steam account there is no sharedcache file loading anything. So why are we getting resources dump on us. I have my computer holding all the files and later uploaded to google drive.

You know you can launch multiple characters from the one launcher, right?

Yes but all Alpha one, getting them develop and trained. Using them with Omega Alts increasing my harvesting.

You know you’re not allowed to run multiple alphas at the same time, right? You can have them, but if you have an alpha logged in, no other account is allowed to be logged in.

separate computer all different isp, Hmm

So you’re saying You’ve been using multiple alpha accounts, at the same time?

I want too but I require more computers and different isp, too little money. Rule are not to have them on them same account. true

Is that true?

One person is allowed to have a single alpha account logged in. Multiple computers doesn’t bypass the EULA

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@Steve_Ronuken please report him asap.

Pretty much every accessible flavour of OS has the ability to apply OS level disk compression on specific files and directories.

It should help saving at least a third.

In regards to offloading the directory into the internet, you can still save a huge amount by moving the base files, keeping only the changes. I don’t know if there’s software to allow mixing different sources of one “directory” together easily, though. I’d write a FUSE for it.

It will have a shared cache it just won’t have anything in it yet, it downloads the files you access as you need them, you’ll still end up in the same situation eventually, the shared cache is only like 17GB so its smaller than a lot of games, destiny 2 is like 35GB at this point :stuck_out_tongue:

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