Shark Tank is looking for members

Hello you all.
Shark Tank Industry’s is looking for industrials
did you ever wanted to be a part of a new fresh corp wel then join in
we are a fresh corp based at eitu 0.5 system and haveing acces to multiple structures
within a week or 2 we wil have 24/7 moon ore

if you would like to get more info hit me upingame eve mail or discord
corp wil close soon because we make a new one
cheers Mc Fish

to the top again still looking for you

and up
still looking for new members

Bumpity bump.

We’re a great little corp with big ambitions. Come join us!

Are you a newbro looking to learn the ways of Eve in a stress free environment? Join us! We’ll help you get over the learning curve, have fun and earn some isk! Whether it’s beginning your industry career in a belt or pve missions we can help.

Maybe you’re a bitter vet looking for a change of pace? Come join our growing corporation, enjoy the laid back atmosphere, forge new long lasting friendships and importantly, earn some iskies!

No mandatory fleets.
Ore buy back
0.5 system with moon belts
Close to trade hubs
Orca support.

Join us!

still looking guys

everyone who like to do industry and looking for a corp app in

Closed at OP’s Request