Ship choices for hunting mission runners

Back when I played I did a lot of toying with mission runners and miners. But things have changed a lot since I played so I’ve been doing some ninja salvaging and MTU killing just to get an idea of the basics again.

I’m looking to pick up my old hobbies but would like some insight and options for ships. When they became available I opted to use a HAM legion but T3 cruisers have been nerfed, mechanics have been changed and battleships can now use MJD.

Could use some input on ships for this, preferably ones that fit in an orca and possibly with MJD although I’m not really sure how needed that is or how much that limits my options.

Many thanks.

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How about you find that out on the killboards? They give you plentiful pointers for things like which ships professional mission runner baiters use.

You don’t need an MJD.

The Nergal or the Ikitursa.

Iki is great with 3 medium neuts.


Thank you.

I looked up a loss of yours in that ship and tbh the ship itself is a bit of an unknown to me but toying with it in Pyfa shows real potential. I have a few questions if you don’t mind:

  • the tank you have seems a bit light and I’m going to assume you run Askleps, would mid-grade suffice or is high-grade really the way to go?

  • when doing the ninja stuff I see lots of BS sitting at 100km from warpin, those would seem to be out of reach without having an MJD. I know most mission runners aren’t the brightest of bulbs but surely if you have to MWD 100km you’re going to lose kills over it? I Was thinking of perhaps using a Command ship for this but as said I lack any recent experience.

  • you’re running a battery which helps against neuting, as if that really ever happens, and it’s stable even with the neuts. But wouldn’t going for a cap booster not be better due to lower pg use, to then fit nano pumps? Or is that extra tank simply not needed or are there other issues with boosters?

  • the assault damage control, is that actually useful to have that short window of high resists? Because normally the rests are fairly low compared to a corpii A coating.

The minute I see them starting the MJD cycle I overheat MWD and head the same direction. I have so far had 100% success catching them before they are able to warp.

And yes I run high-grade assklaps. With AB running while you are engaged you tank both the mission runner and the rats.

The battery helps run everything cap stable (without the MWD running).

Back then with that loss, the Assault Damage Control was not nerfed yet. I now run abyssal assault for more time if needed.

Either way, if somebody is prepared and trap you as per that loss you saw, Golem and neut/ecm scorp you are going to loose your ship. The last trap I faced a nightmare but he was not able to neut me out., but as an example, for a 2bill loss I made 10 bill popping ships like that.

The Nergal also works well. Paladin | Aria Sathana | Killmail | zKillboard

EDIT: Also ignore those frigate/noob ship losses. Somebody was angry and decided to use the WH/Gifting things to make me loose ships.

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Grats on that drop :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t understand how that pally died though. He could have run bastion, go afk and tank you till the server shuts down. I guess the npc helped.

I’ll focus my skills on those ships then, thank you very much.

A scram kills a MJD. I dunno about what legions were like in the past, but a cloaky buffer fit neuting ham legion looks pretty nasty.

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