Mission runner engagement question

I’ve been combat scanning MTU and encountering mission runners. I go suspect but they won’t engage or warp off. Is it my ship? I fly a jackdaw. Maybe I need to try a different ship to get some pew pew?

Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II

5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
‘Stalwart’ Particle Field Magnifier
EM Ward Amplifier II
Faint Epsilon Scoped Warp Scrambler
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster

Rocket Launcher II
Rocket Launcher II
Rocket Launcher II
Rocket Launcher II
Rocket Launcher II
Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher

Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer II
Small Processor Overclocking Unit I
Small Core Defense Field Extender II

Nova Rage Rocket x1890
Navy Cap Booster 50 x239
Sisters Combat Scanner Probe x8
Mjolnir Rage Rocket x2655

Credit Bumblfck for this fit I found

Yep, it’s the ship. Use a frigate. Pimped Enyos or Nergals are often used by suspect baiters. Also you need to be patient, 1/10 will fall for it. The less dangerous your ship is looking the better.


Any fit suggestion for enyo? Can it engage a lot of mission running ships?

Check the KB of suspect baiters. You find them by looking who kills MTUs or with Enyo/Nergal in highsec, and check their losses. Assume full high-grade implant set on top. Probably either active rep or sig.

If you want to hunt with an T3D, where you don’t need alts for scanning, I would recommend going to lowsec.

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most mission runners know the risk of using a MTU and will still consider it a loss.

last time i had someone take my MTU i just packed up and left. But with me raising standings for others, i do missions so quick i don’t need an MTU


Its not you or your ship… mission runners are fit for PVE… Plenty of low sec, null sec, and wh systems with players who would looove to engage you!


No mission runner with half a brain will engage you no matter what ship you use for the reason Razadax noted. Most experienced mission runners know and follow the old adage of “never PVPing in a PVE-fitted ship” or, assume that you have friends with you just waiting around the corner to come to your aid.

You may catch some newbies but most experienced missioners will (rightly) smell a trap and just leave. MTUs are dirt cheap compared to the price of a mission ship.


Maybe your ganking technique needs a little more homework than taking a copy-paste build and hoping people are dumb enough to attack a ship which is obviously 5x stronger than they are.


You can always try a battle nereus pretending you are after stealing their loot and salvaging wrecks in your harmless cargo fit T1 industrial. :wink:


Wow that’s a little hostile there buddy ROFL. I figure you would support his PvPing. Suspect baiting isn’t ganking. Surely you knew that right?

As for the copy/paste build, would you agree that some fits are meta fits and have been proven to work?

Nereus is a good bait ship.

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You are flaming someone else for being hostile?

You are the most degenerate, most hostile piece of trash on this forum.

Holy necrothread Batman :smiley:

Did you miss me that much?

Krig Povelli is extremely good at suspect baiting with a nergal.

But there is a trick to it. And that’s using an alt to egg the mission runner into attacking.

You can search his zkillboard for his fit.

Main here, and active in game :smiley:

LOL. So you’re supposed to be former military/LEO but internet words hurt you? How did you make it out of basic ROFL.

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