Target Painting and Webbing support PVE

Just wondering if missions runners would ever bring someone to target paint or web targets for them? I am thinking what ways to support mission runners. Training salvaging right now, but interested what support positions exist to help mission runners? Thanks in advance.

That would really just be a waste of both player’s time and effort. Most mission runners can clear the missions well enough on their own. It wouldn’t make sense to invite someone to help web/paint rats.

If they were offering such services for free, maybe. But even then, I probably wouldn’t bother. Because I would never consider splitting rewards with another person, given that I’ll already be able to clear the mission on my own.

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I appreciate that you are looking for different ways to collaborate with people and team up. Where you might find more takers and benefits is providing general logistics support- remote repair reps (for ships and drones), command bursts, that kind of thing. Webbing and painting is pretty specific, but might be an added benefit.

Bear in mind that this may only be attractive to newer players looking for more difficult PVE content or folks who want a more social run as most dedicated mission runners plow through it on their own, but folks in the other category most definitely exist. You just have to find them :slight_smile:

And logi skills are frequently in demand for other parts of the game, so training there would definitely be of benefit elsewhere.


You’ll find the most success offering your services as a salvager. People will often let you take their salvage for free. You can have mine if you’re in Gallente space. Or you could go to the Langisi area and ask in local if anyone wants to give up their wrecks.

As for webbing and target painting and stuff, it just wouldn’t be beneficial enough for the guy clearing the rats. It wouldn’t do much good unless you’re also bringing a decent amount of DPS to bear or offering command bursts or something.

If you’re really interested in that sort of role in PVE, check out the abyss stuff, or take a look at how the Loki is used in invasions. Long range webs, command bursts, target painters, etc. are all viable for triglavian PVE.

If you’re interested more so in getting in on some lvl 4s, specifically, find a corp or some friends to fly with. There are tons of nice people that would let you tag along until you have the standing and the wherewithal to pull and blitz missions.


WH PVE fleets (C5s) used to use a support ship for webbing down targets so the dreads could pop them quicker. I do not know if this is still the case or not though, but could be something to consider.


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depends on the PVE activity. I’d say, most of the time being more DPS is the best.

Tpainting only needed if you’re trying to run missions in a stealth bomber/phoenix. If you’re struggling with enemy sig radius, just use rapid missiles rather than regular size missiles (One size of missile smaller with better dps for good application to smaller ships). Webbing isn’t really that useful in pve unless you’re trying to do something like bring large guns to pve (Emerging conduits for example), in which case you can bring and alt but it will just be a pain in the ass, just learn to pull range to reduce enemy transversal or fit your own webs.

i have a painter on my golem and rayven, but i don’t use webs. as mentioned, the best way to assist is probably as a salvager to which I will pay people up to 15% of what the salvage is worth, and get the salvage from the person who worked for it… that way they make a lil bit of extra money.

also, maybe worth noting, the huggin and rapier have both same bonus on web range(*4), and painter effectiveness(*1.5).

however, having a set of web and painters, means you have no spare mid, so go armor tank.

On a faction base 14km the range becomes 56km for the web. You can use abyssal modules and go a bit further, it’s easy to reach 16km base so 64 km on a munin/huggin - cold.

example of overprop fit :

clic it baby one more time
[Huginn, *Simulated Huginn Fitting]
Corelum C-Type Medium Armor Repairer
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Nanofiber Internal Structure II
Reactive Armor Hardener

Federation Navy Stasis Webifier
Federation Navy Stasis Webifier
Republic Fleet Target Painter
Republic Fleet Target Painter
Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
100MN Analog Booster Afterburner

Medium Ancillary Current Router II
Medium Low Friction Nozzle Joints II

pyfa tells me +61.9 % sig with painters, so the two painters together increase sig by +149% (*2.489) after penalties. at a very long range.

the webs are going to reduce speed by 60% so after penalties it’s -80.8% speed (/ 5.22).

Altogether they allow your ships to increase its tracking by a factor of * 5.22 * 2.489 = * 13 ; or in Tracking Computer Equivalent it’s the same as fitting 9 TCE scripted and unpenalized.

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Thanks a lot for that analysis, in your opinion is the huggin and rapier the best ships for both webbing and painting at the same time?

well using a ship that is not made for this task is IMO a bad move.

Of course, since a golem has same painting bonus, plus a very good tank, and MJD, and can bring a lot of DPS, IMO getting one is better.
Same for web, a bhaalgorn can achieve similar web projection, with bettter tank, a grappler, good DPS.

IMO better would be bhaalgorn, then golem (because expensive), then a recon.

If you want to help with a T1 ship, the bellicose has been recently buffed. The bonus to HM explosion velocity (+37.5%) is pretty strong especially when using precision missiles and a painter. It makes it a very good anti-small platform, for a cheap price.
Again, with propmod and 2 painter there does not remain a lot for shield tanking, so going armor seems a better choice. Still not a lot.

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I would agree besides some rare ships or situations. Running a blaster fit Kronos I like to slow the smaller ships to make sure I get more bang out of each shot. Still dont always help with frigates but drones can clean up the rest if needed.

Painting is normally for a missle ship OP. Depending on the ships bonuses and mid slots adding a painter to a missle mission runner may still be a good idea even without a bonus to it.

In most cases enhancing the bonuses of your ship is always the best choice. And choosing the right ship for the job.

In large mission running fleets of players its a bonus, a good fleet could chew through lvl4 missions every 10 minutes or less, and leave salvage and loot for indy/support to come and collect as they roll through the next mission.

Solo missioning has its place and time, but corp missioning fleets will generate heaps more per player in standings/LP/ISK, than solo will.

So yes those are good benefit to have on the field, you just need the right group to be with.

No it won’t.

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You get those that say you have to solo to get anywhere and going support is a waste of time.

But as noted above a group of players running mission continously (loosing a player from the group only to close the mission and to get another) will always generate large amount of rewards.

Though you want to be in a corp group and/or with those you turst.

Best we’ve done in one night was 20 blockade lvl4 missions and 20 other lvl4 missions with 12 players*( 10 active mission runners/pullers & 2 salvage)* and split the rewards at the end. The only time this changed was when both salvagers were still salvaging 2 completed blockade sites and we had to get one of the runners to salvage a 3rd blockade we’d finished straight after 2 other blockades.

Best count of blocked done in a row was 6, 4 of the 10 runner that were able to pull lvl4 from the same agent all pulled the same mission. Fun times!

But they will generate less than the same group split among each player doing his mission alone. Because if the kill time is split, the travel time is not.

100% correct if you’re comparing 1 player doing a mission vs a fleet doing the same mission.

As every player in fleet changes the reward amounts.

1 = 100%
2 = 50%
3 = 33.3%
4= 25%
Etc…till you get to
10 = 10%

Any more player don’t get anything.

But any kills a player gets is their bounty rewards.

Now the thing at was missed in the 1 player vs fleet.

A single player spends time undocking and flying to mission location, and the same again to hand mission in. For every mission.

In a fleet only one player needs to return to hand in mission and collect another, meanwhile the rest of fleet has started and finished another fleet members mission before the other player returns, and 9 out of 10 times already started another mission or half way through.

So over an hour a fleet will continuously run missions with only a small amount of time spent flying to new mission location, not stopping to collect loot or salvage as the support group does that.

So every single player mission done (including collect mission, fly to and from mission location, hand mission in, plus length of mission), a fleet of 5 high skilled or 10 mixed skill players could do 3 or more missions. Remember more guns of target the faster its dead, a lvl4 Blockade only slows down due to NPC warp ins, large warp ins with battleship last no more than a minute, even bosses dead fast.

As you say the faster you turn mission the more ISK you generate. In one night a fleet of 10 can gain up to a full standing increase per fleet member, depending on how long the fleet runs for, the longer the better, and players will drop out, but normally replaced by fresh players.

As an example look at emerging conduits, a fleet of three active hunters will kill a conduit in minutes, and move on to the next allowing support to clear loot and salvage and then mining fleet to start clearing the field itself. By the time the mining fleet clears a whole conduit, the hunting fleet will have done roughly over 20 conduits.

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@Anderson_Geten you need to try a proper mission fleet operation and you’ll completely change what you think.

Now if the fleet runs like a single player on missions yip i agree, but if the fleet never returns and only one player returns at a time, then you have a completely different beast.

I’m guessing most fleet mission runs you’ve done has been run like a single player would run one.

Guess again.
I’ve tried many things in the game in fleets.

The only ones worth it, is when CCP actually forces players to remain in fleet to not lose ships ; or when CCP forces the reward pool to be increasing with the number of players. That is, incursions, fobs, invasions, frigate abyss …

The thing is, I do look at the number very precisely - on the opposite of most people who always inflate their numbers, and end up with inadequately made comparisons.

All i know is with the group ive flown with, we do generate more rewards in fleet than solo, but other might not be so lucky.