Ship firing everywhere

My ship is not hitting the targeted ships, it is firing in every direction but the enemy ship. I have locked on, and approached, i have orbited, I have disabled the weapon, but its just in an endless loop of firing at the other ship…(I am new)

Sounds like you are not in range if you’re getting no hits. Most frigate weapons have a very short range until your skills improve. Group your weapons so they are firing together and make sure you are in range.
Hover over your weapon group and the tooltip will tell you your optimal range (sure to hit) and your falloff range (chance of hitting). You can improve both range and accuracy through skill or by fitting a tracking enhancer (low slot) or tracking compurer (mid slot)

Orbit within your optimal range - or in your falloff if you’re using projectile weapons.

Yeah as the always awesome and almost always right Do Little says😋. Check your gun ranges, and group them(if they are all the same, which the should be).

You could also be using long range weapons , like rail guns at too close targets, or short range guns like blasters and auto cannons on targets too far…

You can help with target tracking systems and such

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