Optimal Range vs Fall-Off Range

I’m wondering what is best as I go for orbit around an enemy. Where should I range my ship?

I have turrets/ammo range = 1500m Optimal - 5000m Fall-off. What range should I set the orbit? At 1500m or 5000m or something in-between like 3000m ?

Thank you.

ideally less than 1500 but you also need to take tracking into account. Once in falloff, your hit chance drops to 50%.


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Thank you for the link and the response.

Optimal Range is what you should aim for. Weapons will do better, but you can still hit targets when in falloff Range and even out at 3x falloff range, though the Weapons will be less effective.

Another thing is some weapons only have optimal range capability, vertron, disintegrators, and missiles.
Though the vertron after hitting its primary target will extend its attack to another target within range of its arc and thus with skills and luck can extend its attack upto another 90km (9x arc jumps of upto 10km each) beyond primary target.


So it depends on a few things, PvP and PvE often require different tactics. By the sounds of your range it sounds like you are using blasters if you are PvE’ing setting an orbit is fine and within optimal is best and having a web with blasters or any gun that has optimal of less than 10 is a good thing but I would recommend using longer range weapons in most PvE situations it’s often more efficient.

As for PvP with blasters approach I think it’s the best option to maximise DPS as good pilots can easily move out of your range to reduce your damage and only orbit to mitigate incoming damage yourself.

Good luck o7

You can’t forget about the importance of tracking as well.

Your target may well be with in the weapon’s optimal range but the weapon’s tracking speed (or rather the lack there of) doesn’t allow for good hits, if any hits at all.

For those kinds of weapons optimal range is more like “minimal range”.


Yip. Tracking and target size can be your best friend or worse enemy.

Tracking the higher is the better your chances of hitting smaller targets or fast movers. Lower Tracking the worse your chance of hitting ever shot.

If you can slow you target down or increases its signature you increase your chances of hitting small and fast targets.

To do the above you use a Web or a target painter. These also help your drones and fleet mates.

You can use Tracking computers with scripts can increase your turrets tracking by 30% and can be swapped for range script to increase turret ranges which can be good to maintain distance against certain targets. But Tracking computer only effects your turrets, has no benefits to your drones or fleet m8s


That was just an example. Right now I have hybrid weapons at 6,000m falloff range only because of my low SP and not enough isk to buy better turrets.


Hey ,
You need to read up turret mechanics and missile mechanics i think they link it already up thread .
Also considering the title of your post please take a look at this chart it is bit old but still gives you an idea .

Now in that chart what you need to pay attention is :
Not all guns drop their dps in same pattern and speed . Some guns still capable to make high dps even after pass the optimal…while others drastically drop…
If you are orbiting there are a lot of variables comes to table … your speed your guns stracking ,your targets signature radius , speed , angular etc etc.
You mentioned turrets but as you can see there different turrets has different lvl of efficiency in different fallof ranges . Please read up mechanics then if there is anything you dont understand anything like what is signature radius what is angular what is resolution … ect ect… we try to help further.

Check this one too bit more easier read up than the other link Gunnery 101 - Album on Imgur


So yea, there are two types of hybrid weapons the short range ones are called blasters and the long range ones are called railguns, it can be confusing it is Eve after all. Just keep that skill que full and watch guides on YouTube for what skills will help the most for what you wanna do.

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