Falloff range and why am I missing?

So I have a Hecate with railguns. Optimal range is 83, faloff is 92. I’m doing perfect damage application within my optimal. But as soon as I leave optimal range things become weird. According to formula here https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Turret_mechanics I should have 50% chance to hit target (assuming it’s not moving) at 175km and aroung 90% at 115km. But contrary to my expectation I always miss at 115km.
At the screenshot you can see NPC approaching me (angular is 0) and I’m shooting at it. I never hit although I expect to hit almost perfectly. I only start doing some damage at <100km. Could someone explain why it is how it is?

You are misinterpreting the values shown.

Your Railguns have 83km optimal range. In that range you get no penalties, thats why you hit perfectly.

On top of that 83km you have 9km Falloff which adds up to 92km “Falloff Range”. That is your Optimall+Falloff. Which means at 92km you roughly apply 50% damage from lesser hits and more misses.

At double your Falloff range (aka 83+9+9=101km) you barely apply any damage at all. And above that you simply always miss.

EVE is simply using a very bad format for telling you your ranges, PyFa gets it right. Thats why you should always use PyFa for testing or evaluating fits.

(don’t wonder about the DPS values, I use the Hecate in Wolf-Rayet WHs which give a huge bonus to small weapon damage and PyFa does simulate this effect in the fitting)


@Syzygium so you say that actually falloff range I see in the game is already “optimal + falloff”?.. Now it makes sense, falloff that eve uni is saying about is actually 9km, not 92 km. Thank you!

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Yes, the ingame values show you your

  • optimal range in which you can deal 100% damage as “optimal range”
  • optimal+falloff in which you deal roughly 50% damage as “falloff range”