Reduction to Optimal Range?

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The gun I am using has a Falloff range 130 km and Optimal range of 71 km. I then load it with EMP L (50% reduced optimal range). The Falloff with EMP L loaded is 95 km and Optimal range is 35 km.

How does that happen?
Why does reducing the Optimal range also lower the Falloff range?
Why is EMP ammo not labelled 50% reduced optimal range and minus that from Falloff?

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So we’ve established optimal is 71km
The displayed falloff range is really optimal + falloff, meaning falloff alone is roughly 60km

With 50% reduced optimal range
optimal becomes ~35 km
optimal + falloff becomes 35km + 60km = 95km
Math seems to check out

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Just remember that falloff is added to optimal and you will be fine. Also remember that each weapon type has different falloff characteristics. Some are very easy to deal with past optimal and some have very short falloff ranges…know the difference is important if you plan to be a kite fighter.

I think missiles are absolute though based on flight time x missile speed. ie damage does not decrease at distance but be 1m past range and you wont do damage…I might be a bit off here as I don’t use missiles but I’m close I think.

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Hey Ember. Thanks for that you know a link btw?


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You can look through eve uni website they describe a lot of game mechanics.

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Maybe to make some things more clear: When you hover over the weapon icon in your UI, what is shown as Falloff range is actually the distance where you’ll only do 50%, in other words your optimal plus falloff value. To see the precise value, open the info with a right click. There you see that the falloff is 60km on your gun, no matter what ammo you have loaded

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It’s more complicated then that tbh. Or at least used to be. The tldr is factors like target isn’t stationary so distance needed to impact is > actual flight time. Missiles don’t actually travel in straight lines (there is a skill to help with this) etc. Basically give yourself a margin of error with missiles

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I don’t think you understand any of these numbers.

You add the falloff to the optimal to get the extent of the range of your guns. If your optimal falls so does your falloff.

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there are two falloff that are displayed.

  • The first one is the turret falloff range, that you can have in the "show info"on the turret
  • The second one is the ship falloff distance, that is actually turret optimal+turret falloff, that you can see when you hover the turret on your ship with your mouse.

When the target is at optimal+fallof_range = falloff_distance, you deal 40% of your DPS to that target due to distance. That’s when your falloff entry is 100% .

Same for the tracking : when the target evasion is equal to your tracking, and in your optimal range, you deal average 40% of your DPS (what is written on the turret) to it.

If the target is both at falloff_distance and with an evasion equal to your tracking, you deal 18% of your DPS.