Weapon and ammo question

I want to make sure I understand the interaction of weapon and ammo. I’m flying a Tristan with 2 Light Electron Blaster I’s. Optimal range = 1,100 m, falloff = 2,675. But I’m using Antimatter Charge S with it, which has a range bonus of -50 percent. So I believe this means an effective optimal range of 550 m and falloff range of 1,338 m. Have I correctly understood how this works?

You should be able to hover the weapon icon in case of both the ship you fly and in the fitting simulator too to see with your skills how much the ranges are with the currently loaded ammunition.


Oh, very good. Thank you. That is helpful.

All ranges are updated as soon as you load ammo. The range you see when you hover above your weapons modules, or even in the info tab are updated with the current ammo inside.

Perfect, thanks. I can avoid having to do the math each time.

There’s some advantage to be able to make an educated guess.

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