Best PVE ammo for 250mm Light Gallium Cannon

So I’ve just put together my brand new Thrasher, fitted it out like a friend recommended, but I haven’t been able to get a hold of him and so I don’t know what ammo to put in the ship. It’s got an optimal range of 15KM, and I’m just using it for missions that have a lot of PVE in them. Here’s the Compare List Picture

It will (almost) always depend on which type of NPCs you are shooting at.

EVE University has a nice chart that shows you a list of NPC enemies, what type of damage to deal, and what type of damage to tank against.

as said Scoot
and also
board your ship
open your in-game fitting window click to “simulation mode”
right click on your weapon-> show info-> “used with” and you see the list of ammos available
drag and drop each ammo on your weapon and look at the dps, range, tracking that you get

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