Ship getting annihilated from lvl 1 missions

Hi o7

So I’m very new to this game and am having trouble with some security missions… I’m getting completely destroyed going to this mission (activate gate) I have to kill the NPC first but there are like loads of them…

I have 3 75mm guns on with opt range of around 3km or so (give or take) people have suggested going in, killing 1 returning to repair ship then repeating untill finished.

This is a level 1 mission, my ship is or should be more than capable so something has to be wrong. Can I get some help please!? :frowning:

Even if it is level 1 mission if your ship is poorly fit and has little to no tank - then even those missions can be a challenge.

So… before we continue i’d like to ask for: what ship were you flying(merlin?), what was fitted, what was the name of the mission?

From what you are saying you were flying a Merlin with railguns loaded with antimatter charges. Highest DPS ammunition doesnt mean it is the best one for the job. Had you loaded “Lead” ammo you could have nearly safely orbited any object/enemy at 8-10km on afterburner (speed tanking) and still do the damage to them.

thank you for the reply, here is my current ship / fit :slight_smile:

Incursus ship:
3x 75mm gatling rail I (Anitimatter charge S)

2x Small Auxiliary nano pump I
1x small anti-explosive pump I

1x 5nm Y-T8 compact micropwarpdrive

1x adaptive nano plating I
1x small armor repairer I

I think this is all you need to know, I think the microwarpdrive is a bit too much as it’s super fast.

Edit: i have a 30 second deplete timer too.

Edit #2 (completely forgot to include mission name)

Current mission: Worlds Collide – Jorredel Xalotte Division: Security 0.9 Rens VII - Moon 21 - Sisters of EVE Bureau

Swap MWD with AB (monopropellant one). That should give you capacitor life long enough to get the repairer going.

Other than that - you are not utilizing your ship’s medium and low slots. Try if you can fit this (you have the rigs already) in in-game fitting simulation:

Alpha incursus

[Incursus, Incursus fit]

Small ‘Accommodation’ Vestment Reconstructer I
Experimental Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane I
Magnetic Field Stabilizer I
Magnetic Field Stabilizer I

1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner
Small Compact Pb-Acid Cap Battery
Eutectic Compact Cap Recharger

125mm Compressed Coil Gun I, Lead Charge S
125mm Compressed Coil Gun I, Lead Charge S
125mm Compressed Coil Gun I, Lead Charge S

Small Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Small Auxiliary Nano Pump I
Small Anti-Explosive Pump I

Hobgoblin I x1

It should give you plenty of tank and cap life and damage at 10-12 km range with Lead ammo depending on skills. And its cheap (assuming you already have the rigs). And you can still use antimatter at 6+km range.


Firstly, welcome to New Eden.

And the big caveat - I’m an Amarrian pilot, my knowledge of fitting Gallente hulls is rather limited. But there are some general, applies to most things, bits of information.

The mission. If you bludgeon your way into it the Worlds Collide missions are hard work at any level. Eve Survival is a very good guide for the struggling.
You don’t have to kill everything to use the initial gates to the bases. You will for higher level missions, but not at Level 1. Inside the base the NPCs aren’t mob-handed so you can pick 'em off more easily.

The ship.
Firstly, you’ve spare slots. Use them.
Magnetic Field Stabilisers in the low slots increase the damage your guns do. A Webifier in the mid-slots slows the target down making it easier for your guns to hit it. If you are mission running a cap recharger battery will help.
Add a Damage Control. It’s a good general boost to your resistances. The Incursus is actively tanked so resistance is very useful. Add another adaptive nano plating.
Also, look at what are known at Meta modules - they are better than the basic T1 modules you are fitting. Not as good at T2 (generally) but a good upgrade. That compact MWD you are using is a Meta module.

The obligatory Eve University link.

The fit @Ms_Steak has provided is a good example.

I like MWDs - personal preference. The propulsion module, MWD or Afterburner, is mainly used in bursts to help change position, close range and so forth.
Watch the capacitor - there’s a lot of demand on it - it’s the reason for using a battery. I’m Amarrian - our ships generally have bigger capacitors but our main weapons are more capacitor demanding as well.
Close, orbit somewhere between optimal and first fall off - hybrids are moderately forgiving. Best damage is at optimal. Don’t fly too fast - your guns can’t track a target well if everything is whirling around in a chaotic dance. Watch what is targeting you - a good way to improve your survival is to remove sources of damage (kill 'em!).

Happy hunting, and drop me a line in game if you wish.

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everyone is super helpful in this game! i am for sure going to check both examples out :slight_smile: thank you both!

You can think of Incursus the same way as Punisher - they are different, but at the same time they are not for PvE. The fitting and piloting are very similar despite having different weapon systems, bonuses and slot layouts.

my god… what ever you did works a trat! this has made mylife so much easier, great learning curve here! thank a bunch :slight_smile:

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and OP, feel free to join a newbie-friendly corp. You will get fits, advices, etc. Eve is hard at the beginning

i don’t knoqw how to do this.

it is a meta module for “Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane”(EANM), requires Hull Upgrades at level 3 to fit. If you cannot use it yet, swap it with “‘Collateral’ Adaptive Nano Plating”.

Or you can use Free SP that you get daily from killing NPCs to learn Hull Upgrades to level 4 and just fit Adaptive Nano Plating II (it is better than energized version until you learn Hull Upgrades V for T2 EANM).

Also all passive resistance modules benefit from their respective “compensation” skills. For armor they are: EM/Thermal/Kinetic/Explosive armor compensation that you can learn quickly with either free SP or by spending a bit of time - they affect resistance bonuses passive resistance modules provide.

This is because you have the right attitude. You posted stating what your problem was and asking for advice on how to deal with it. You will only get helpful and encouraging replies when you do that.

As strange as this may seem to you, I have to congratulate you for doing it right the first time you posted here, because that’s simply not the norm by any means.

As you’ll unfortunately learn soon, some players don’t come to these forums to ask for guidance on how to deal with the difficulties they encounter in the game. They simply assume whatever bad happens to them has to be because the game is broken and come here just to whine and rant about it… and then get upset when they don’t get so friendly replies as a result…

So welcome to EvE and to the forums. :hugs:


No, mostly not, I’m afraid. Many are, but not most.
As said above, it’s mostly because you demonstrate a reasonable attitude for EvE that will serve you well in this game.
Also in the new citizen’s section of the forums folks are often “nicer” than in other parts of the forums.

In EvE be social to all and not afraid to make social connections but stay aware and keep your guard up. One thing about EvE that might seem strange to some is that sometimes the “bad guys” “griefers” “dirty pirates” blah blah blah are actually people you might like to sit and have a drink and a talk with (or they could be jerks) and sometimes people who are engaged in “peaceful” eve things like mining and hauling can be the toxic jerks (or they could be great). Point is don’t judge players automatically because of what they are doing in EvE.

Anyway, about MWD (microwarpdrive) - they can be useful but the trade for the good speed is that they bloom your electronic signature 500%…so you are much bigger to targeting systems and therefore easier to hit…and they eat up a lot of your capacitor and a chunk of powergrid. AB (afterburner) don’t make you as fast but also have fewer drawbacks.

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