Ship Labels not affected by code anymore

(William Andersen) #1

When I change the Ship Label (that you see in space) I’ve noticed that the changes that I made recently only display what I type instead of the changes I made to the code, for example <b> instead of making the text bold it just lists what it says in space so my ship label is now <b>William Andersen</b>

Has something changed or is there a renderer in the system that is not recognizing manipulated html anymore?


(William Andersen) #2

If I edit the YAML directly it seems to not have a problem, just when using the really little weird one that is in game. Next issue though - it appears that the astrahus label displays the name twice - there’s no editable setting I can find in the YAML file that affects that and it’s picking up the color and styling for ship labels - so this must not be something I can edit as it isn’t included - I imagine there is a default set for stations or player owned stuff that includes the name and uses the ship label appended having it appear twice.

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