[SOLVED] Looking for Help to modify Ship Labels

Hello o/

I need some help with the modification of the overview. Specifically the ‘Ships’ tab.
Currently, I have a heavily modified version of Barkkor’s Overview v4.36.
But some structures have pretty long names. As a result, they span over quite a distance of the screen and other UI-elements happen to cover up useful information, especially the distance.

So I would love to have the name of a structure below all the actual relevant information, shown like in the moc-up below.

I have had a look at my .yaml-file and tried a <br>-tag like you would use in HTML. Sadly without success. The mostly quite dated information about the overview I managed to find was not very helpful either.

I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me out with that problem.
It seems to be possible hence I see overviews displaying information in columns of quite some streamer.

And yes, I could “just use another overview”, but well, I like what I have at the moment very much. It’s really just the one column that I would like to have below the other info.

Thanks in adavnce.


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Well, after looking deeper into it I found a tool called EVE Online Custom Ship Labeler, which did not exactly what I wanted, but brought me very close to a quite acceptable solution.

Now it looks like that:

The program itself is pretty much self explaining and there is a manual if you get stuck somehow.

Problem solved.

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