Ship recommendations?

If this is not posted in the correct forum, I apologize but I could not find a better place.
At the moment, I am not concerned about the pricing of the ship I am looking for, I am simply trying to get an idea of what is available. If there are no ships that have all the features that I am looking for, then please let me know and/or let me know if there is a ship with most of what I am looking for and tell me what that ship does not have from what I have listed below.
I have Omega Time which of course means I have access to all the available ships.

I am looking for ship recommendations that have the following;
-Capable of mining and resource gathering
-Medium or better weapons
-Able to use light missile turrets
-Able to use hybrid weapons
-Large capacitor
-Medium to heavy shielding or better
-Large cargo hold
-Minimum speed of 350 m/s

Thank you for any recommendations,
(Yes, my characters name was a typo :roll_eyes:)

Best guess would be the Gnosis Battle Cruiser, it does not have the speed you want but will do the rest.

Having said that what you actually need are different ships for different jobs. A jack of all trades ship will not be very good at anything. For mining look at the mining barges and for hybrid combat look at the Ferox.


There is no best ship in eve or ship that can do everything. There is no hull you ask for that will do all this things efficient.

You need to use multiple ships.

Thank you for the quick reply, I honestly didnt expect an answer so soon. As for being a jack of all trades, Im not looking for something like that. If it would help, instead of specific features, I am looking for a ship that can perform all mining ops, has respectable defensive capabilities and decent offensive capabilities, and a sizable amount of storage for resources.
Is that any better?
Thanks again,

So… you’re looking for something like this…

Good choice, got 10 of those although I only use them as cargo ships so no high slots filled and the rest for defence.

Although when he decides what he actually needs, a more specialised ship would be better.

Yeah, I know a Gnosis as a cargo ship. A good sized hold as I didn’t want to train industrials or freighters on my main.

LOL, no, (although I wont deny it would be nice) Im not looking for the ultimate pocket knife type of ship, I know that there is no such thing and that if there were it would be pretty much pointless because it would basically be a “god mode” ship. Im simply looking for a good mining ship that has room for shielding and weapons that will keep most enemies at bay, has enough resource storage for long journeys and will have a little bit of extra power left over if I need it.

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Okay, so the Gnosis would be a possibility for me, but you sound like you have one or more ships in mind. Do you?

The most tanky mining barges are the Procurer & Skiff, the Orca is also worth a look. As these are industrial ships their offensive ability is limited by design. All will handle normal belt rats.

Should also add that the Orca has a ship hanger so you could bring along a combat ship also.

Okay, so what do their offensive abilities entail?

Ooh, that sounds nice. Is there a size limit to the Orca’s ship hanger?

Thats not really how mining ships work.

You can keep belt rats at bay with the small drone flights these ships can carry. Apart from them, your tank and your wits are your defensive systems.

All mining ships can tank more or less. Procurer being my recommendation. Small, easily trasported, and very tanky for its cost.

Yes there is, can’t remember what it is off the top of my head but you should be able to get a Battlecruiser in there. IIRC you won’t get a Battleship though.

Orca has a 400,000m3 maint hanger and a 40,000m3 Fleet hanger

What are the Orca’s offensive and defensive capabilities? Also, does it support resource mining, and if it does what can it collect?

Much obliged. I appreciate your recommendation, that is definitely one I will be checking out then. Thank you.

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mine is not really fit for combat, it still has a little more than 200dps and 58,000ish ehp

Do you mean a mining ship itself, or are talking about a specific weapon?

I see on one of your other posts that you don’t want to be a jack-of-all-trades. So the Gnosis isn’t a good ship for you.

Looks like you’ve been given the answer in this thread anyway.

Just aim for a Procurer then Skiff then maybe Orca, don’t know much about Orcas never used one.

Good thing with your choice is you have less to train, only weapons required would be drones. Leaves you more time to train defence and core skills. Only problem is if you were to start getting bored with mining you wouldn’t have much to drop back on. Although core skills are good for any ship.

Orca is a fantastic mobile station, more or less though. Very useful and totally uncool.

My favourite ship after Arby, I think.

Oh theres a thought, Arby still has mining drone bonus lol.