Ship Sale in Low Sec

all sold

10b for everything

12.5b Offer

I’ll accept that, want me to just make a contract?

contract up

Ah dammit your evepraisal somehow bugged out it showed 13.5b with the JF as 6.8b Sell Value which is actually at 9.4b… thought its 16.5b Total Sell value but now it is actually 13.29 (Real Value) in my evepraisal.

Have to Retract my offer / lower it to 11b. Sorry about that :woman_shrugging:

contract remade

accepted thanks

@Legit_Salesgirl are you interested in fit/unfit capitals in low sec? Also have some macherial,gila, bhallgorn, drek, tengu, rattlesnake, legion, basi, and a slew of items

@Brock_Khans Mail sent

all sold

Went to sleep the moment u posted that :stuck_out_tongue:

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