Fully fuelled, travel refits in fleet hangar.

its a deal, send it my way for 123b

this Achura Detais person is a scammer they just write the same stuff on every post

ah okay thank you, will put it back on public contracts :confused:

I would like to offer 95B for the hul if you are interested please send it my way. If not GL with the sale :slight_smile:

hiya, price is fairly firm as only erebus on ama contracts I’m afraid. Thank you for the offer!

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Contract the bus to me please

relisting, crafty is another scammer

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don’t waste your isks if it’s already on public contract

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Why are you saying they are a scammer?

another one of those spamming fake buys, has been called out as a scammer in other posts also

My isk is good :slight_smile:

110b contract to me if you want

Sold, can delete post

Too scared to make fake offers with your main? Everyone knows its you, not like there’s any reputation to save so why bother using an alt

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