Ship skins that replace empire emblem

Currently, the Serpentis skins for Gallente ships are sold in New Eden Store. If applied the skin to a Gallente ship, its Gallente emblem is replaced to Serpentis emblem.

Such skins have a big meaning for RP not just changing the ship’s color. For example, if an Amarr or Caldari pilot boards a Gallente ship, they can feel less guilty by claiming it was made in Serpentis rather than the enemy Gallente. (Amarr and Caldari have no animosity towards Serpentis!)

The skins that replace emblem are also sold for other empires, but they don’t cover as many ship types as the Serpentis skins. They should be sold with covering all ships for other empires as well.

What do you think?

Since they’re a Pirate Faction, it makes sense for them to replace the emblem on whatever ship they commandeer to portray their own Faction.

Sorta like the 16 - 18 century Pirates of old, they’d hoist their own colors on ships they captured and used.

ChatGPT really has some logic kinks to work out…

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