Ship spinning

Hello, have anyone wanted to control their ship in space with WASD keys or similar?

Having that additional control and freedom of movement could be nice. Then player collisions could be disabled to make the game less laggy and less clunky. Most games dont do player collisions and players dont want to stack on each other so they will spread out naturally so its not even really needed.

This was how the idea of WASD controls came up for me at least. I was thinking to have player collision be disabled and then players use the WASD keys to avoid stacking on each other in cases where they otherwise would. There are also disincentives to stacking like bombs and various other AoE weaponry so its hard to see how disabling player collision can be abused. In fact, player collision is being abused at the moment. Its one of the main reasons other multiplayer games dont have it.

But also player collision has performance impact, and it gets messy quick i imagine. Like the computation required goes up exponentially the more players are in the system/near each other. And the benefit is practically non existent. I dont expect people to accept this, but thats fine.

Here is a player discovering ships can now roll in space and position fine tuned with WASD+QE keys or similar. Have a great day

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Maybe it will work like RCS but it will use cap :slight_smile:

The space shuttle had RCS thrusters on various parts of the ship that allowed it to maneuver in space

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